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Why use TalentLMS?

Key differentiators & advantages of TalentLMS

  • Branded Content: Change the theme via the interface to reflect company colors and fonts. An authoring tool enables administrators to create a custom home page or branded emails. The custom homepage can have branded colors, logos and a specially designed UI. Lastly, it can white label sites for broader company use.
  • Cost Efficient: There’s a free version of the solution that supports up to five users and 10 courses. Even when using a paid subscription, the various automated and AI functions free up time. Lastly, the product is easily scalable for future needs.
  • Better Compliance: It has measures to ensure an organization remains compliant with GDPR. This includes setup for a Terms of Service page, granting the ability to self-delete, granting the right to access data and providing an opt-out choice for data collection in reports.
  • Greater Admin Control: Employers can configure user types, which determine access levels to organizational data. Set permissions based on role and select which areas are accessible or restricted. There’s a broad range of functionality for creating as many training groups and environments as needed.
  • Time Saver: The platform enables single sign-on capabilities with support for LDAP, Active Directory and SAML2. It can connect to identity management systems like OneLogin and Okta. The solution facilitates quick content creation with an intuitive UI, making it easier to go live quickly. Most things come ready out-of-the-box, cutting down on implementation time.

Industry Expertise

TalentLMS has over 70,000 portals and is owned by the company Epignosis. Epignosis also owns the microlearning products eFront and TalentCards. TalentLMS has gained industry acclaim. In 2020, it was named as one of three rapidly growing eLearning companies by TechRepublic in the article, “Top 3 rising vendors in learning and development.”

It’s been listed as an important player in reports such as, “Retail LMS Software Market - TalentLMS, SkyPrep, LearnUpon, SAP (Litmos), iSpring Learn, Docebo, ProProfs LMS, eFront, Mindflash, TalentCards, Canvas LMS”; “Course Creation Software Market 2020: Potential Growth, Challenges, and Know the Companies List Could Potentially Benefit or Loose out From the Impact of COVID-19”; and “Online Course Software Market Is Set for a Rapid Growth and is Expected to Reach USD Billion by 2027.”

Key Features

  • Employee Training: It delivers uniform materials to staff so they can learn at their own pace and in their own time. This can help with onboarding, compliance, upskilling, reskilling, or simply delivering annual safety and policy reminders. Depending on the need, the solution can scale up to hundreds of thousands of learners. This ensures uniformity across different locations, buildings, cities or countries where the organization may operate. It’s used for training marketing, sales, customers and partners.
  • Course Management: Administrators have tools to build classes efficiently. They can reuse presentations or videos or find external media. In compliance courses, it offers certifications so workers can provide proof of their abilities. Users can also structure learning paths to provide a more controlled educational experience.
  • Blending Learning: The platform has both blended and instructor-led training (ILT). It can organize classroom events, manage all aspects of ILT sessions and set up automatic notifications. The software can deliver virtual lessons in real time.
  • Integrations: It integrates directly with WordPress, BambooHR, GoToMeeting, Salesforce and Shopify. Administrators can add Zapier for access to over 750 additional options like Slack and Zendesk. The system has an API and JavaScript integrations for additional extendability.
  • eLearning Standards: The platform is compatible with industry standards such as SCORM, Tin Can (xAPI) and cmi5. This enables file storage, content delivery and activity tracking.
  • Testing Tools: It can build assessments and surveys. This includes creating multiple types of questions such as multiple-choice, free text, ordering, filling the gap and others. The survey function allows an organization to collect and analyze user feedback.
  • Ecommerce: Classes are available for purchase via Stripe or PayPal. It can configure elements including the course description, status in the catalog (active or hidden), price, time limit, level and more. Additionally, the system sets up automatic notifications that trigger when payment is completed.
  • Reports: The software provides several types of reports for tracking performance and progress. Custom fields allow HR professionals to build reports based on the company’s needs. It can schedule reports to be delivered via email to specific recipients and has a training infographic. This shows a visual depiction of KPIs like training time, completion rates and test pass rate. For granular insight, activity logs show a record of every person’s actions. Additionally, infographics and micro-stats let learners follow their progress.
  • TalentLibrary: For instructors who are looking for high-quality content, this online library contains interactive quizzes, expert-created materials and new classes regularly. It requires a subscription.
  • Embedded Video Conferencing: It has a built-in tool for conducting meetings via video call and integrates with Zoom and other similar solutions.
  • Gamification: The customizable gamification engine includes the following features: points, badges, levels, avatars, leaderboards and reports. Administrators can dictate how many points an action is worth and configure the system to keep certain levels restricted until users reach the required goals. Leaderboards display statistics and have different visibility settings.
  • Mobile App: The platform offers a native app for iOS and Android so data is accessible via mobile phone, iPad and more devices. It has a fluid interface for a seamless experience no matter the screen size and view.
  • Security: It meets the guidelines for various security and accessibility standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27001, ISO 9001GDRP, PCI Compliance, WCAG-2 and it has Privacy Shield verification. These regulations cover risk management, the protection of employee and customer data, using efficient processes and products and the use of Amazon Web Services. The company has a bug bounty program, to incentivize tracking down issues and takes extra care while hiring staff.
  • Affiliate Plan: For users who are interested in earning money, it has an affiliate plan with a commission of about 20% for each sale. This can change depending on success.


These are the known limitations of TalentLMS, based on user feedback:
  • Some miss the extra functionality of larger platforms
  • Certain capabilities are only included in the paid version, not the free one
  • It can only upload files that are 10MB to 100MB on the free plan and from 10MB to 500MB on paid plans

TalentLMS Suite Support

This product offers support in several different forms such as working with teams that give product advice, a learning and support team and a customer success manager on premium plans. A support site provides additional resources such as a knowledge base, articles for frequently asked questions, information on billing and plans, ebooks, guides, video tutorials and other resources.

mail_outlineEmail and Live Chat: There’s no general-purpose email for support. However, the live chat is open Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the website. The time zone is not specified.
phonePhone: Phone support is only offered as part of paid plans which have access to a customer success manager.
schoolTraining: Free video tutorials are available. They cover basics like creating classes, using branches, setting up gamification and more. It also has paid packages where an expert provides a comprehensive tour.
local_offerTickets: Users can create a ticket by reaching out for support through their portal. Once the initial email is logged, the support system keeps an ongoing record of the exchange.

TalentLMS Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

731 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from various sources, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Beautiful Design and Interface: Between 70% and 80% of reviewers felt the UI was simple, usable and remarkably easy-to-use.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Users felt the support was adequate, and it was easy to get answers and solutions for their problem in around 60% of the reviews.
  • Powerful Features: Overall, reviewers were happy with the features with almost 50% giving compliments to functionality such as the platform’s integrations, customization, administrative control, user management, quick course creation and branching abilities.
  • Great Value for the Price: Almost 40% of reviewers were happy with the pricing and felt they got an appropriate value for what they paid.


  • Difficult Customization: The platform uses CSS for most of its customization. While around 10% of reviewers were happy with this functionality, around 20% didn’t like the complication of having to mess around in the style sheets to get what they wanted.
  • Various Functionality Issues: While there wasn’t one obvious issue with other functionality, around 20% had various concerns such as a lack of scalability, a clumsy UI, integrations issues or an overall lack of desired features. On their own, these issues only showed up between 5% to 10% of reviews.
  • Support Issues: Once again, most were happy with the customer service, but just over 10% felt they had trouble getting their issues resolved.

Researcher's Summary:

TalentLMS is an employee training software with a lot of positive reviews for its UI, features and helpful customer service. Many organizations felt that it met all their needs and fell into their price range as an enterprise training solution. Administrators like the amount of control and find it an effective way to get employees trained efficiently. The most divisive feature is its customization, which uses CSS. More tech-oriented people find this a comfortable medium to work in but others feel limited by this. Overall, the solution appears to be a good option for enterprise applications. Especially when a company is looking to train employees and centralize all knowledge. This may require a tech-oriented team to oversee the implementation, especially if there are complex functionality needs.

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