Benefits and Insights

Why use Skilljar?

Key differentiators & advantages of Skilljar

  • Responsive Interface: Skilljar is easy-to-use and responsive for businesses and customers. It is intuitive and accommodates company requirements to deliver an enriching learning experience. It stores training materials at a central location for simplified access and delivery to customers. 
  • Scalability:  It can accommodate growing company requirements and is flexible to support an expanding customer base and users. It is consistent in its uptime and lets users complete their tasks on time. 
  • Supports Multiple Languages: Skilljar supports multiple languages for organizations to provide training solutions to a global audience. Educators can provide training content in different languages to suit multiple customers and partners. 
  • Holistic Customer View: It offers businesses a holistic view of their customers. Data from multiple sources like marketing tools, CRMs, service tools, accounting and software lets users create different customer profiles. Customers can also be segmented according to criteria including support needs, usage behavior and subscription models for personalized attention. Companies can monitor customers’ actions and interactions with different teams and create health scores according to client satisfaction. 
  • Training Portals: Skilljar lets companies create separate portals for its varied audience and customize them according to their requirements. Its advanced course authoring lets instructors construct training programs using its pre-built templates. Educators can create instructor-led sessions and learning paths for structured learning. 
  • Integrations: It seamlessly integrates with numerous third-party business applications like Salesforce and Marketo. This functionality helps create and distribute training content swiftly by syncing data with business apps. 
  • Mobile Responsive: Skilljar helps businesses deliver training materials anytime and on any medium. Learners have the flexibility to get trained on their laptops, tablets or smartphones. Availability of training materials on-the-go improves overall course participation. 

Industry Expertise

Skilljar provides training solutions to industries such as business services, software manufacturing, software development, human resources, professional services and more. It helps train hundreds of end users every month and speeds up onboarding by as much as 90%. It improves customer engagement with products and enhances organizational efficiency by 30%. Companies can train their customers swiftly and keep them engaged and productive.

Key Features

  • Supports Multiple Content Types: Skilljar comes with flexible content authoring tools for organizations to offer variable content types. It helps businesses create multiple learning pathways based on user skillset, role and more. It supports high-quality audio, video and course content can be easily embedded from external hosts. It is compatible with AICC, SCORM and offers a native quizzing engine. It also provides live training registration and management. 
  • Assessments and Certifications: Its built-in assessment and certification tools lets organizations display their expertise. It comes with a built-in quizzing tool to assess students’ knowledge. Learners automatically receive certificates and badges after course completion; each certificate can be accessed via a unique URL. Students can flaunt their accomplishments with its LinkedIn integration. For high-stakes tests, organizations can make use of its remote proctoring module. 
  • E-Commerce Flexibility: Skilljar offers direct sales and e-commerce functionality for companies to price and package their training materials. Users can sell customer training subscriptions with its robust e-commerce and payment tools. It has flexible prices and packaged course content and aligns payment gateways with a company’s finance division. Its Salesforce integration helps realize revenue. 
  • Customizable: It lets businesses customize their training portals to match their branding and visual identity with tailored designs. Administrators can create custom objects, fields, calculations, views and rules according to their workflows. Its advanced customization capabilities like CSS, Javascript and HTML let users tailor their portals to offer a unique experience. It offers pre-built templates and dynamic theme control options for enhanced appeal. Learners can self-register through SSO, Salesforce or APIs for instant access. 
  • Secure and Reliable: Skilljar is designed for stringent security protocols for global users. It supports enterprise-grade security and is SOC2 certified. Its robust integrations and APIs accommodate multifarious programs and complex cases. It also offers support for premium implementation and customer success. 
  • Advanced Analytics: Skilljar lets users interact with its centralized dashboard. It generates pre-built and customized reports that offer deep business insights. Its extensive reporting tools help companies make data-driven decisions about customer health and training. It also aggregates data on learners’ performance and other key metrics and displays on dashboards and reports. 
  • While Labeling: Skilljar lets users customize their account with the company's branding, logo and a personalized URL. Administrators can implement personalized branding throughout the application. 


This product has the following limitations as of writing this review:

  •  UI is basic and dated. Authoring tools are not updated, and lessons feel offset. 
  •  Navigating within courses, domains and catalogs is difficult. 
  •  Lacks default settings for lessons or courses. 
  •  Reporting tools aren’t flexible and detail-oriented. 
  •  Lacks features like gamification, course completion leaderboards, automatic notifications and learner pathways. 
  •  Analytical capabilities lack the sophistication to handle large chunks of data. 

Skilljar Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Sales related queries can be emailed to [email protected]
phonePhone: This information is currently not listed.
schoolTraining: Skilljar’s site features a resource center with a resource library, webinars, ebooks, blogs and best practices to guide users on various topics related to product set-up and issues faced.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets through Skilljar’s site.

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