Benefits and Insights

Why use Rcampus?

Key differentiators & advantages of Rcampus

  • Class website 
    Class websites are created automatically. Each class website comes with menu options to all areas of the class for easy access.

  • Gradebook 
    Save time grading using our easy-to-use online gradebook. The gradebook is a control center with access to various areas of your classroom without leaving the gradebook.

  • Messaging 
    Communicate with your classes in any way you want. Whether it's for one-one, team, class or any combinations, you can rely on a single messaging system that does it all. Most of all, all messages are delivered securely.

  • Team Management 
    Build teams of students easily using our team builder and management tool. Monitor team activities and communications.

  • Roster Management 
    The roster builder and management tools allow teachers to automatically create a roster or easily add students to a class roster and manage roster records.

  • Coursework and Assignments 
    Easily build a coursework and quickly distribute it to an entire class or multiple classes.

  • Automate online submissions 
    Let students submit online and grade their submissions directly from the gradebook.

  • Document center 
    Single location to manage your documents and collaborate with others by sharing.

  • Email Alerts 
    Receive email alerts about the upcoming coursework and new messages.

  • Calendar 
    Class calendars are populated automatically as assignments are set up and are synchronized with students' personal calendar.

  • Student self registration 
    Manually register students to a class or let students to self-register which automatically creates a roster and gradebook.

  • Single login, cross-campus 
    Manage all your classes at different schools with a single login.

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