Benefits and Insights

Why use PlayerLync?

Key differentiators & advantages of PlayerLync

  • Improves Performance: PlayerLync streamlines and monitors your organization’s everyday activities. It brings efficiency and transparency to a company’s myriad processes, thereby enhancing overall operational performance. 
  • Effective Learning: Mobile learning programs that are easy to implement, and engaging course content can enhance the learning journey and help learners remember company best practices. 
  • Retains Employees:  Minimizes attrition rates by engaging staff in interactive programs and learning videos that can be scheduled according to their working hours. 
  • Secure Content Distribution: Automated synchronization, video compression and scheduling can disseminate company information securely. Learning programs and other sensitive information gets delivered to employees’ mobile phones without affecting bandwidth. 
  • Hassle-Free Communication: Establish communication with your mobile workforce with secure, collaborative programs. Access to secure content lets employees collaborate with peers and management using mobile phones. 
  • Quick Information Access: Easy access to company information, videos and documents is available in low bandwidth or zero network areas. 

Industry Expertise

PlayerLync offers performance management and mobile learning solutions to numerous industries like eLearning, restaurants, hospitality, retail, sports franchises and utility companies. It delivers individualized and timely information to frontline staff. On-time information dissemination helps businesses achieve greater individual and team success.

Key Features

  • Flexible Learning:  Line chefs can go through best practices for dish preparation while lobby managers can stream content on healthy customer service during downtime. Learners can resume courses from where they left and schedule training as per their convenience. It allows frontline workers to complete their training within their busy work schedules while adhering to company standards. 
  • Content Variety: It simplifies creating, distributing and modifying training content. Users can add images, videos and lessons to enrich training programs. Organizations can create short videos and add captions to engage more workers. Adding multimedia content boosts interactivity and allows employees to choose a preferred format. 
  • Efficient Collaboration: Organizations can achieving a supportive and collaborative ecosystem for their mobile workforce. Each and every employee receives similar training materials across devices. Imparting consistent training improves customer experiences and encourages employees to work together . It lets users add chat rooms for simulating interactions and exchanging ideas. 
  • Swift Communication: For businesses like restaurants, it is crucial to maintain consistent communication across locations. Instantly deliver important updates, information and procedure changes to all employees. It also relays personalized messages specific to individuals or job roles rather than leaving generic communication. 
  • Cross-Station Training: Employees have the flexibility to access training materials from any station. It provides prompt answers to staff, which leaves fewer chances for mistakes. Setting up for cross-station training purposes offers opportunities to tackle difficult case-scenarios. 
  • Bridges Gaps: Bridge the crucial missing link between company information and its consumption. Create an ecosystem where information is disseminated swiftly, and organizations can interact better with frontline employees. Construct personalized training methods to meet  business goals. Businesses can create a blueprint of their professional goals for staff to follow. 


This product has the following limitations as of the writing of this review:
  •  Backend is not user-friendly. Requires expertise to make use of its features and offerings. 
  •  Reporting features aren't robust. 
  •  Doesn’t support the creation of more than three large categories. Due to this, breaking categories gets difficult and some categories get overcrowded. 
  •  The training time required to set it up is extensive. 
  •  Difficult to organize, track and update content. 
  •  Prone to glitches and crashes. 
  •  Lacks a favorites bar on the admin portal. 

    • PlayerLync Suite Support

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      phonePhone: Phone inquiries can be directed to 1 (866) 797 5678.
      schoolTraining: PlayerLync’s site features FAQs, articles, ebooks, videos, case studies, whitepapers, webinars and more to guide users on various topics related to product set-up and issues faced.
      local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets through PlayerLync’s site.

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