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  • An enjoyable experience everywhere - Use our mobile apps for iOS and Android to enjoy the full functionality of the platform on the go and have a productive LMS experience anytime, anywhere.

  • A powerful, beautiful cloud-based platform - Our user interface is elegant and intuitive, which keeps users happy and engaged, and makes the whole experience of using the site more productive and enjoyable.

  • Everything you need to create rich, engaging courses - You don't have to stress about spending a lot of time on building courses, because our content authoring tools help you create beautiful courses fast and without any technical knowledge.

  • Making learning fun - Use gamification to make courses more engaging and drive participation, by including fun elements like leaderboards, badges, and points.

  • Assess learners effortlessly - We want learner evaluation to be an easy, stress-free process and that's why we offer 12 assignment types, a wide variety of grading options, and a powerful full-featured scores table.

  • Keep track of learner progress - Stay informed by creating charts and reports of important data such as assignment grades, module progress, missing work, and more. Track learners on a proficiency basis and identify the ones that are struggling.

  • Enable learners to connect with each other - Learners can easily communicate and collaborate on projects using wikis, blogs, chats, forums, and groups, which helps them stay focused and excited.

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