Benefits and Insights

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

Key differentiators & advantages of LinkedIn Learning

  • Learning Paths: It offers a bundle of specific classes to teach subjects comprehensively. Some of the paths are Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Manager, Project Coordinator and more.
  • Scalability: For an organization that’s experiencing rapid growth, it can easily accommodate exponentially more users.
  • Translations: It’s available in seven different languages such as German, French, English, Japanese, Spanish and others.
  • Identifies Skills Gap: By sorting through information from the larger social media site, it helps students and administrators identify where they fall short of their peers.
  • Recommended Content: After identifying the skill gaps, it gives recommendations for courses or learning paths based on the insights.
  • Employee Engagement: Skill-building gives employees a greater buy-in for their organization.
  • Microlearning: Some of its videos and tutorials come in short, bite-size bits of content made for quick consumption.

Industry Expertise

Connected to the larger social media platform, it uses insights to make classes for the most relevant hard and soft skills in the industry. The course club promotion offers a free preview of the essential skills. Some larger companies, such as Kellogg’s, have switched to it because of the way it promotes self-directed, agile learners among workers.

Key Features

  • Content Library: It has a huge number of courses, videos and tutorials. The platform generally adds 60+ more per week.
  • Instructor-Led Courses: Classes are led by experts with real, practical experience in their field.
  • Reporting Dashboard: It measures the effectiveness of training through different data and analytics, allowing organizations to see how their education initiatives are working.
  • Integrations: It integrates with various online education and talent management products, including Absorb, Adobe Captivate, Blackboard, Bridge, Canvas, CornerStone, D2L, Docebo, SAP SuccessFactors, and more.
  • Discussions with Experts: Students get the opportunity to have discussions with industry experts to reinforce and explain content.
  • Certification Prep: It provides training and prep courses for those looking to move up in the industry via certifications. This includes classes for Google, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, PMI, Six Sigma, CompTIA and more.
  • Continuing Education: For professionals who are looking for credits to maintain certification or compliance, it has courses designed to satisfy those requirements.

LinkedIn Learning Suite Support

The all-purpose help website is the best source of support. There is no general customer service phone number or email, nor does it have a formal help desk ticket system. Learners can either use the general help site or the help site specifically for former users of
mail_outlineEmail & Live Chat: While there is no customer service email, there is a help website with a live chat. There is also a site specifically dedicated to former customers to help with the changeover. Users can also use the form to reach out on the “Contact Us” page.
phonePhone: It has no general customer service phone number. Those looking to make the switch from can call (888) 335-9632, but will not receive support after.
schoolTraining: There is no formal training available.
local_offerTickets: There is no ticket system.