Benefits and Insights

Why use iSpring Learn?

Key differentiators & advantages of iSpring Learn

  • More Effective Assessments The software has templates so instructors can quickly create multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, sequencing, matching and other types of questions. To ensure information is retained properly, it also has feedback capabilities, branching scenarios, randomized questions and customizable scoring rules.
  • Greater Security: The solution is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and uses Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) for transferring data between EU and non-EU countries. The servers are hosted at Liquidweb, IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services or FirstColo which all comply with various standards. It uses an https connection, thoroughly background checks all employees and undergoes security audits.
  • Higher Quality Content: Its ability to convert PowerPoint presentations makes it easier to create high-quality lessons with embedded links, images, animations and other elements. There’s also a library where administrators can find the necessary course materials and thousands of assets.
  • Better Communication: The platform comes with due dates and reminders to keep learners on track and centralizes knowledge so it’s easily accessible. In terms of video conferring, Zoom integrates within the application. This allows users to jump on calls without losing time switching applications.

Industry Expertise

The iSpring product has won industry awards such as the Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology in 2018, the Choice Awards for Authoring Tool by Training Magazine Network in 2019 and made the list for the Top 20 Authoring Tools in 2020.

The platform was named a major player in many industry reports. This includes “Course Authoring Software Market Massive Growth in 2020 with top key players like Adobe Inc., Articulate Global, Inc., Brainshark, Inc., Easygenerator, Elucidat, Instructure, Inc., iSpring Solutions Inc., LearnWorlds, Lessonly, Inc,” “Online Coaching Software Market | Global Online Coaching Software Market Share, Size, Demand and Growth Analysis iSpring Solutions, Acuity Scheduling, DoTimely, MeetFox, CoachAccountable,” and “Microlearning Market 2020 is Booming Worldwide with Key Players IBM Corporation, Bigtincan; SwissVBS, iSpring Solutions Inc., Epignosis.”

Key Features

  • Content Creation: Instructors can create a PowerPoint presentation and then add screencasts, narrations, quizzes and more to make a dynamic lesson. Then, they can upload the content for their students.
  • Products: There are two main options:
    • Learn: This product contains the base course functionality for students and instructors.
    • Suite: The Suite has a Suite version and a Full-Service Suite version on the pricing page to indicate two different levels of functions. The full-service version comes with authoring tools, access to the cloud, access to priority support and access to an online library.
  • Conversion: The platform converts PowerPoint presentations to an HTML5 or MP4 format. Through HyperPointe technology, they can generally keep the same animations and formatting so no one needs to reformat for the web. PowerPoints are converted without having to leave the program. Users can then upload to Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Content Library: It comes with over 55,000 royalty-free assets such as templates, over 30,00 character images and more than 230 backgrounds from different locations. Aside from that, it also has various icons, paper clips, buttons and switches to complete a presentation. For assets created in-house like logos or brand guides, the built-in cloud allows all team members to have access.
  • Integrations: For organizations that are looking for more robust functionality, the solution integrates with 156 systems. It’s built to integrate with materials that meet AIIC, cmi5, SCORM or xAPI compliance. The apps include Absorb, Adobe, Flora, Schoology, SmarterU, TOPYX and more.
  • Video Lessons: It can capture video lectures, narration, screenshots and annotations that provide step-by-step guides and easy to follow lessons. The program comes with a simple video editor so it’s easy to tweak videos, add effects, include text, add music and more.
  • Responsive Design: The platform works across mobile devices, tablets, PCs and more across Android and iOS. Teachers only have to create courses once. It automatically adapts to other formats. Learners can access materials offline.
  • Corporate Training: It can facilitate many different kinds of business training. The solution manages deadlines, provides consistent branding, secures information and can conduct comprehensive reports on employee skill level. An administrator can assign specific training options. Some real-world applications include:
    • Onboarding: It lets new hires get accustomed to company culture, compliance and policy more quickly.
    • Partner/Channel Training: For associations who work with other affiliates, channels or partners, it offers an easy way to get everyone up to speed.
    • Compliance Training: It helps learners stay on top of annual or monthly compliance whether that means safety, privacy, anti-harassment or discrimination policies or more.
    • Certification Training: Administrators can make in-house certification training so they can see who has completed the necessary training.
    • Product Training: It provides uniform, accurate dissemination of information to all when new products or updates are released.
    • Sales Training: With the ability to make how-to guides and choice-based scenarios, instructors can create interactive sales training to ensure the funnel is working properly.
  • Quizmaker: It helps create more engaging quizzes to see the skill level of employees. It has assignments geared toward retention and testing at key moments to ensure the subject is understood. The activities provide hands-on experience while teachers can provide feedback with annotations.
  • Cam Pro: This function allows the user to share their screens and record to provide tutorials. It provides narration over a slideshow and highlights the cursor so it can be followed visually.


At the time of this review’s publication, these are the limitations of iSpring, based on user feedback:

  • Customization and extended services can be expensive
  • Some say it’s difficult to sort through various images and assets to find what they need in the content library

Suite Support

It has help available by phone, email and online chat. The website states that 83% of cases are solved within two hours. Users looking for general purpose answers can go to the online community. It also has whitepapers, ebooks, case studies, weekly webinars and over 600 blog articles for further information. Administrators who want more immediate support can pay extra for extended services.

mail_outlineEmail: The support email is [email protected] There’s also a live chat on the website.
phonePhone: Users can reach support by phone at +1 (800) 640-0868.
schoolTraining: There are videos, webinars and guides on the website.
local_offerTickets: Submit a ticket by filling out the form on the website.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • Subscription-based pricing model
  • There is the price for the base eLearning functions and then the price for the suite and the full-service suite.
  • The pricing for the base learning function is:
    • For 100 Users: $3.66 per user/month billed annually
    • For 300 Users: $3.00 per user/month billed annually
    • For 500 Users: $2.82 per user/month billed annually
    • Over 500 Users: Contact for a quote
  • Two main subscriptions for the suite model are advertised
    • Suite: $770 per user/year
    • Suite Full Service: $970 per user/year
  • For multiple users on the Suite, pricing is as follows:
    • iSpring Suite:
      • One User: $770 per user/year
      • Three Users: $650 per user/year
      • Five Users: $620 per user/year
      • Custom: Contact for a quote
    • iSpring Suite: Full Service
      • One User: $970 per user/year
      • Three Users: $820 per user/year
      • Five Users: $770 per user/year
      • Custom: Contact for a quote
Maintenance Cost
    • Free support
      • Email ticket support
      • Knowledge Base with blogs, FAQS, help documents and video tutorials
      • Access to the community page and support technicians
    • More Support/Maintenance Plans
      • Premium Support
        • Unlimited upgrades for one year
        • Priority Expert Level Support: includes phone, email and chat
        • Five case analyses where users get individual analysis and remote assistance
      • Dedicated Support
        • Unlimited upgrades for one year
        • Priority Expert Level Support: includes phone, email and chat
        • Five case analyses where users get individual analysis and remote assistance
        • New feature request prioritization
        • Dedicated engineer assistance

Installation/Implementation Cost
  • None
Customization Cost
  • It offers customized plans to if a standard plan doesn’t have enough users
  • Cost varies depending on the functional requirements
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • Cost isn’t included in the subscription price
  • Users/employees can learn offline by using apps available for iPad and Android
  • It offers:
    • E-learning training courses, live training, workshops and webinars to the users
    • Online training the users can access training material from laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • The recurring subscription price is paid yearly
  • Price is based on:
    • The number of active users
    • Type of product
    • Type of maintenance plan
    • Inclusion of add-ons or content library
    • Customization cost

iSpring Learn Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

222 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User-Friendly Design: Around 80% of reviewers loved the interface and said it was easy to implement, learn and navigate.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Users found the customer service to be friendly, helpful and effective in 60% of all reviews.
  • Competitive Price: About 60% of users felt that the price was fair and that the functionality was well worth the money.
  • Overall Good Functionality: The features were described as working well in just over 40% of the reviews. The most popular mention was its quick course setup, learning paths, customization, integration, mobile functionality and course authoring capabilities.
  • Testing Assessments: Around 20% of users who left reviews said the platform had excellent capabilities when it came to delivering tests, surveys, quizzes, assessments and simulations.


  • Problems with Features: While many felt the features worked well, around 40% found issues with the existing tools, with around10% disliking the reporting and customization features.
  • Missing Functionality: In 20% of the reviews, users requested add-ons to the current feature set with better native screen recording and screenshots capabilities mentioned the most.
  • Pricing Issues: Between 10% to 20% felt the price was too much for its functionality with just under 10% saying they felt pressured to buy more expensive subscriptions.

Researcher's Summary:

The iSpring system is an extremely user-friendly option especially popular among educators. This is likely due to its tie-in with PowerPoint. Users can create a presentation in PowerPoint and then, without leaving the app, directly upload it to iSpring where it’s converted into the proper format. Its usability, quick adoption, good price and excellent customer service made for an overwhelming number of satisfied reviews.

On the other hand, the satisfaction with the feature set was split with half saying it worked well and half finding the functionality wanting. Many users wanted new features, but the requests were mostly distinct from one another and for very specific capabilities. While iSpring does offer customization options, there are many features that are out of reach due to price, technological limitations or lack of knowledge on the part of the customer. Overall, this is a great solution for educators and corporate administrators looking to adopt a system quickly and easily. It may not be suitable for large businesses with more complex needs. Users should also look into exactly what they need so they don’t get bumped into the more expensive pricing tier.

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