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Key differentiators & advantages of Inquisiq

  • Affordable & Scalable: Inquisiq R3™ hosted account can be up and running in a matter of minutes at a very affordable monthly rate and without a long-term commitment.

  • Award-Winning: Inquisiq R3™ has been awarded the coveted Brandon Hall Gold Award for Technology Excellence consecutively since 2009.

  • SCORM Standards Compliance: Adhering to the SCORM standard and verified compatibility with numerous third party content vendors and authoring tools ensures that you and your users will experience seamless communication between Inquisiq R3™ and your content.

  • Mobile Compatibility: We have recently added functionality to make Inquisiq R3 mobile compatible!

  • Easy to Use Interface: The hallmark feature of Inquisiq R3™ is its graphic-rich, intuitive interface. The functions you need are right where you expect them. Whether you are a student or an administrator, everything you require is logically organized and can be accessed with minimum effort.

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