Online Training Software: Features, Benefits and Leading Solutions

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Training is a never-ending process for companies that want to stay ahead of their competition. Today, industries evolve and change so quickly that the only way to make sure your company keeps up is by helping your employee consistently improve their knowledge and skills. You can do just that my implementing an online training software.

According to the World Economic Forum Report, one of the most important solutions to the job market crisis is implementing effective learning and development practices at the organizational level, as well as the individual employee level.

In other words, a business that doesn‘t have a clear plan for helping their employees improve is doomed to fail. But how can companies keep track of their learning and development?

It can be a very complicated process, especially when there are dozens or even hundreds of employees that need individual solutions for their individual professional growth and growth toward achieving the company’s goals. Companies must find a way to quickly fill gaps in their employee skills and knowledge in order to keep their operations working efficiently.

Luckily, organizations today have solutions that were not even conceivable just a few decades ago. With the introduction of online training software, otherwise known as learning management systems or LMS, companies can now take complete control of employee skill development.

Whether it’s tangible skills like software proficiency or coding, or so-called “soft skills” such as communication, office protocol and industry knowledge, organizations can provide their employees with on-demand and easily accessible learning solutions that can be individually catered to fit both the company’s and the employee’s needs.

What Exactly is Online Training Software?

In essence, online training software is a web-based application that helps companies and organizations provide easy access to various learning materials to their employees or students.

Online training software solutions have revolutionized the way companies create and manage their learning resources, while at the same time easily tracking and assessing the progress and performance of their learners.

As the name implies, online training software is usually online-based, which is a huge plus. Instead of having to install the software on each individual computer or device, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, available on almost any device.

This kind of flexibility provides unparalleled convenience for both the trainers and the trainees. With the only requirements consisting of an internet connection and a browser, it’s very easy to update course material, communicate with students or teachers and study the materials.

Benefits of Online Training Software

With advances in technology offering new opportunities to increase efficiency, the traditional learning methods that companies used to employ are quickly becoming obsolete.

Sitting in a classroom is harder to justify when you have the option of presenting the same information in a much more convenient and accessible way using online learning management systems. Today, companies can employ numerous digital materials and resources that enhance the learning experience, while keeping it convenient for both the teachers and the learners.

But the benefits of online training software go much further – here are just a few that clearly show just how much it can impact the way that organizations handle its learning management.

Quick Setup

Online training software solutions are, as the name suggests, based on the web, and thus they’re very easy to set up when compared to options that need to be installed on each individual device. Once you sign up with a software provider, you can start using the system immediately by simply logging in.

Obviously, some time will be required to set up the online courses and other learning resources. But the platforms are usually very intuitive and easy to use, so the actual technical part of integrating the software in your organization should be relatively simple.

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Another huge benefit of online-based learning management systems is that they don’t carry a lot of extra costs when compared to traditional learning methods.

You don’t have to worry about classrooms, physical learning materials, travel expenses or numerous other considerations that come with instructor-led training. Instead, LMS allows you to have everything you need in a digital format on the online platform, so your only task is preparing the learning materials and tracking the progress of the students.

Unrestricted Accessibility

Since most people today use multiple electronic devices such as phones, computers and tablets, online training software offers never-before-seen opportunities to access learning materials anywhere and at any time.

This allows employees to plan their own schedule and be free to take the courses around their work and free time, making for a much more efficient way to learn, as opposed to having to squeeze in personal lessons or classes into their already busy lives.

Since online training software is available at all times, employees can easily and quickly add a new training module to their interface if they feel they need to brush up on a particular subject.

Faster Learning Curve

All of the courses are available on the same platform, therefore no time is wasted getting accustomed to the mode of teaching. Users can also customize their learning experience according to individual strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

Features of Online Training Software

According to the Global Market Insights Industry Analysis, the eLearning market has grown to upwards of $150 billion, and the trend is expected to continue rapidly, at least up until 2024.

That’s because the features offered by online training software solutions are becoming hard to ignore for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The convenience and capabilities that are available today far outweigh any alternative options that could be considered.

Here are just a few of the main features that companies can expect when implementing a learning management system:


The ability to provide an individual learning plan for each employee is something that was nearly impossible to implement before the advent of LMS. But with these systems, companies can assign individual training, courses and learning materials based on the goals of the company and the individual duties of that employee.

At the same time, employees don’t have to fill out a bunch of forms if they want to show initiative and start learning on their own. With online training software, taking up new learning programs or courses is as simple as pressing a few buttons on the online dashboard.

Tracking and Reports

With LMS, it becomes very easy to track the progress that employees are making with their learning activities. You can see in real time what courses bring the best results, allowing you to quickly make adjustments when necessary.

With time, companies can develop effective learning solutions, providing the information in different formats such as webinars, eBooks, individual online coaching and much more.

Brand Integration

For some organizations, it can be beneficial to make sure that their brand is properly represented in the learning materials, and it’s never been easier than now, with the help of LMS.

You can customize the layout and presentation of the materials to include your color schemes and logos. What’s more, brand integration allows you to protect your learning materials by watermarking them.

Top 3 Online Training Software Solutions

While the benefits of learning management systems are quite clear, finding the right solution for your organization can be tricky. There are a lot of options out there, and many of them are tailored to companies with specific needs.

After making your own individual LMS requirements checklist, you should be able to get a much better idea of what you need. But before then, it’s a good idea to get a lay of the land and see what’s out there. In lieu of this, here are three of the top solutions available on the market today:


DigitalChalk is one of the leading solutions available, providing excellent customization possibilities and many advanced features.

Users can create interactive presentations using video, audio, and images, seamlessly integrating with Keynote and PowerPoint. DigitalChalk also allows advanced tests & exam customization. You can use true/false,  multiple choice and many other question types, as well as an easy-to-use randomization option so no two tests are the same.

Add in the comprehensive tracking and reporting features, and you have an LMS solution that’s hard to compete with.

Grovo LMS

Grovo LMs is one of the more innovative solutions that you’ll find. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide an easy-to-use online training platform.

One of the most distinct features that clients find in Grovo LMS is its micro-learning approach. Using the software, it’s very easy to set up bite-sized video lessons and exercises that don’t take up much time, but are still effective at pushing the students forward every day.


TalentLMS is a comprehensive and versatile LMS solution that offers an abundance of customization features. Whether you’re looking for advanced course building options with different media or you want to develop a strong brand presence in the platform, TalentLMS makes it easy.

It’s also one of the most secure solutions available. The software features up-to-date security measures such as single sign-on for users, an encrypted channel for data communication and much more, ensuring that your data is always safe.

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SelectHubOnline Training Software: Features, Benefits and Leading Solutions

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