Benefits and Insights

Why use Wipro Outsourcing?

Key differentiators & advantages of Wipro Outsourcing

Wipro deploys its unique six-pillar delivery framework to ensure all critical aspects of service delivery are addressed and executed effectively and efficiently.

  • Process Plan: Robust "To-Be" processes mapped to L1-L5 level for all in-scope processes including hand offs and control points
  • People & Location Strategy: A hybrid onsite-nearshore-offshore model covering front office-middle office-back office combination and help ooptimize organizational structure
  • Technology Plan: Best of breed technology deployment and performance visibility through Base)))™ our propriety business operations platform.
  • Assets & Artifacts Leverage: A rich repository of data collation and RFX templates, category packs, supplier databases, price benchmarks, bid evaluation templates and more
  • Governance, SLA/KPI & Reports: Strong three-layer governance framework for effective service delivery management. We also offer a complete dashboard view of operations through well-defined and pertinent service levels and performance indicators comprehensive
  • Transformation: Focus on continuous improvement process excellence, committed productivity over contract period as well focus on spend optimization, spend consolidation and vendor optimization