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Benefits and Insights

Why use Cognitive Invoicing?

Key differentiators & advantages of Cognitive Invoicing

  • The Simplest Way to Send an Invoice
    eSend is a comprehensive and flexible eInvoicing solution that fully optimizes the process of invoice data capture and eliminates the need for buyer-based manual data entry. Suppliers simply email their invoice as a PDF and eSend instantly extracts and verifies the data. Easy, effortless eInvoicing! 

  • Unlimited Flexibility – eInvoicing Ideal for ALL Your Suppliers 
    Inbox by Taulia offers a flexible eInvoicing solutions to meet the needs of all your suppliers, regardless of their current invoicing capabilities or requirements.

  • Secure, Electronic Invoice Exchange 
    Taulia provides eInvoicing functionality in compliance with the requirements of tax authorities in over 50 countries. By partnering with a leader in eInvoicing security, you can be assured your electronic invoices are accurate and genuine, regardless of country of origin or destination.