Benefits and Insights

Why use Fusebill?

Key differentiators & advantages of Fusebill

  • Collections Management
    Manage all of your customers in one system, no matter how they pay – credit card, ACH, cheque or cash. Set account defaults for dunning, grace periods, billing dates, and invoicing but easily override for individual customers.

  • Invoicing
    Customizable invoices allow for managing all of a customer’s services on one bill, multiple individual bills, or a combination of both. Add your logos and company information and notes to each invoice.

  • Payments
    Choose from over 25 different payment gateways, or submit a request for a new one; Fusebill is adding new gateways constantly. Manage payments in multiple currencies, route payments based on these currencies, support multiple gateways.

  • Taxation
    Fusebill can automatically calculate sales taxes based on the customer’s location, right down the county/zip code in North America. You can also specify tax exemption at both the product and customer level.

Top Competitors & Alternatives

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