9 Best Shipping Software That Will Cut Costs and Reduce Errors

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Shipping costs are rising at an almost implausible rate — seven times faster than product costs. But if you intend to get your product to your customers, there are costs you’ll have to endure. As such, you’ll want to ensure accurate shipping management to reduce costs wherever possible. The best shipping software provides you with all the necessary tools to prepare your products to be sent out while minimizing errors. These products automate the labeling process and provide multi-carrier shipping solutions to help keep thin margins from getting any thinner.

Top Inventory Recommendations

We took a look at our leaderboard for inventory management software and chose the 6 online solutions with the best shipping capabilities. These web based solutions are suited for a variety of industries and company sizes and will help you get a better idea of what options are available.

Finale Inventory

Finale’s functionality goes above and beyond. First, Finale can print a bill of lading as it’s necessary for your freight shipments. This solution also allows you to send out orders in multiple shipments. This is especially useful when a product is on backorder. Your customers can first receive the items ready to be shipped out in their order and then receive the back ordered product at a later time. Not only will you no longer have product sitting in your warehouse unnecessarily, but customer satisfaction will increase as well.

Screenshot of Finale Inventory's shipping capability by Lot ID

Sort by lot ID to see quantity on hand and prepare a specified quantity for shipment

In addition, users can manage the picking and packing phases. Optimized pick and pack decreases the time it takes your workers (be they human or robot) to move through your warehouse while gathering the required materials for parcel shipment. This increases productivity and reduces costs.

If you don’t ship immediately after packing, you’ll want to be able to track the ready-to-ship packages you have stored. Finale Inventory has capability for this as well, giving you the utmost visibility into your shipments, even before they’ve left the warehouse.

And there’s still more this shipping platform can do. Users can track and ship lots by ID, which helps with LIFO and FIFO shipping methods. Finale Inventory is a cloud-based product.

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TradeGecko Inventory Management System

TradeGecko is also a great choice for shipping management. Its automated system ensures swift and error-free order fulfillment. First, TradeGecko allows users to create custom zones to group together certain countries and areas. Users can also determine rates using the price of their customer’s order. Use this feature to offer discounted or even free shipping when your customers spend more. You can repeat this process for weight, as well.

Additionally, these rates can integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce store. This allows your customers to see your rates and choose one they like in real-time. What’s more, this vendor automates the creation of shipping labels and packing slips using sales order information. Avoiding manual documentation drastically reduces human error and its associated costs.

Automated packing slips also ensure speedy pick and pack. With them, your workers will be certain what items need to be included before they start the process. Lastly, users are also able to integrate third-party logistics through the free add-on ShipStation. Users can export shipping specifications in bulk and automatically ship through major providers. TradeGecko is also a cloud-based product.

TradeGecko Inventory Screenshot

Use TradeGecko’s user-friendly UI to quickly find and manage your shipments


Archon Systems’ InFlow is a top choice for a few reasons. InFlow facilitates immediate creation of documents like pick lists, packing slips, labels, receipts and invoices. Instant access to these records allows your team to work more efficiently during the shipping process. Additionally, this system provides pick, pack and ship functionality for further order fulfillment optimization. And like Finale, Inflow supports partial shipments to maximize customer satisfaction.

InFlow can be deployed as an on-premise solution or in the cloud. This product can also be customized depending on the size of your company, with customizations available in either method of deployment. InFlow was created with small businesses in mind, so this product supports up to 10 users.

Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is another product specializing in helping SMBs. But its shipping management software is extensive enough so you won’t feel as if it lacks something. Fishbowl supports the basics like labeling and can generate barcodes as well. This product integrates with all leading companies like FedEx and USPS, with UPS shipping features incorporated right into the interface.

Users can let UPS know when items are ready for pickup, see their prices and get delivery estimates all in the same system. You can easily pass tracking information along to your customers to keep them informed, too. And since Fishbowl is available as both a cloud-based system and on-premise, you won’t have to sacrifice security for functionality.

Stitch Inventory

Catering to high-growth companies is Stitch Labs’ modus operandi. As such, their inventory software ensures multi-channel integration, allowing for the extra flexibility such companies need. This flexibility extends to the shipping process, enabling you to receive, track and ship orders with versatility. Stitch lets users print labels and supports multi-carrier shipping through their app, ShippingEasy.

Stitch Labs' Inventory Screenshot

Intuitive navigation makes Stitch Inventory an easy choice for popular retailer Chubbies Shorts

But Stitch wouldn’t be able to boast about their flexibility if they didn’t offer a way to fulfill partial orders. With this vendor, you can ship out your in-stock items now and ship the backordered product after it’s been restocked. Moreover, this system automatically sends your customers shipment notifications for full and partial orders. Your customers will always be in the know without added effort on your part. And of course, Stitch offers flexible deployment methods. You can deploy this product in the cloud or on-premise, depending on which fits your company best.


This vendor specializes in solutions for small to mid-sized businesses but won’t leave users wanting more. This multi-carrier shipping software allows users to add third-party shipping providers and receive information from them to track shipments. Further, users can access a provider module for all information on your 3PLs. However, users only need to send back as much information as needed to fulfill an order and ensure efficiency.

This product also supports partial shipping and dropshipping. Its intuitive UI is attractive and easy to use, reducing downtime with quick adoption. You don’t have to worry about downtime during the initial setup either, since Megaventory is a cloud-based product.

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More Systems with Top-Rated Shipping Capability

Great shipping capability comes from more than just inventory control systems. Our analysts have rated these next few systems as some of the best in their market, all of which have fantastic applications.

GT Nexus Supply Chain Management Solutions

Boasting client success with major players like Patagonia, this vendor’s SCM solution has an excellent pack and ship module, to say the least. It contains all your basics including RFID tags, packing lists and automated labeling. You can also catalog product weights and automate your pack plan. Involving more automation in your shipping is an easy way to reduce errors and costs.

GT Nexus also provides packing and labeling ready for store use, helping to build your reputation as everyone’s favorite supplier. Additionally, users enjoy high visibility of delivery estimates and status in real-time. While available in either deployment environment, the cloud-based version can provide the most visibility and up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Oracle Warehouse Management

Oracle has a reputation for pumping out superstar software solutions, and their warehousing system is no exception. In addition to strong shipping, Oracle provides a comprehensive suite of tools to support all your warehouse functions. This makes Oracle a great choice for those needing robust capability in both areas.

Oracle supports numerous pick methods, including pick-to-light and voice picking. These methods reduce error within your warehouse, which means greater shipment accuracy and on-time delivery. This solution also supports RFID tagging, providing more visibility into the movement of your product and where a shipment delay may occur. Oracle’s WMS also provides advanced shipping notices for pending orders. Oracle is conveniently available both as an on-premise solution and in the cloud.

Tecsys WMS

Tecsys WMS is a nice choice for buyers looking for an intuitive shipment tracking software. It even goes as far as offering patented visual cues to assist your workers. And on top of classic warehouse management features, it also offers transportation and delivery management for an all-in-one shipping solution.

The delivery management module tracks shipments while giving customers full visibility of where their items are. Additionally, distributors can use the system from any mobile device to create and deliver shipments. Tecsys’ transportation management system provides exhaustive support that includes automated routing, tracking and post-shipment analysis. Tecsys provides an incredible level of efficiency, rivaled by few. Tecsys WMS is available in the cloud and on-premise.

Which Is Right for You?

This list provides a lot of great options for shipping management. However, if you’re looking for an inventory system, you’ll probably want more than just shipping tools. The same goes for if you’re looking for a warehouse management tool or a supply chain solution.

But in order to choose with confidence, you’ll need to really take a critical look at the top systems and how well they can cater to your requirements. We highly recommend you take a look at our in depth comparison reports for each software category. Our reports go through all the features buyers need the most, and compare top systems against each other using these metrics. See how these products stand up to their competitors for factors other than shipping on our Inventory, Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Leaderboards.

Kim O'Shaughnessy9 Best Shipping Software That Will Cut Costs and Reduce Errors

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