Benefits and Insights

Why use Zoho Inventory?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zoho Inventory

  • Kitting Support: Zoho Inventory can bundle a group of items together to sell as a single unit. It also updates individual items and components as products are put together and sold. 
  • Barcode Scanning: The solution scans item barcodes and auto-populates fields every time an invoice, sales or purchase order is created. Barcode scanning helps streamline and optimize inventory management processes with quick access to vital product data.nbsp;
  • Enhanced Tracking: This system identifies each item in stock with a code and tracks its movement from the point of purchase to sale. It also tracks different batches of items and monitors their expiry dates. 
  • Improved Packaging and Shipping: Zoho Inventory creates packages, prints package slips and finds real-time shipping rates for 30 different shipping services. It also monitors the movement of packages post-shipment and keeps customers updated with the location of their items. 
  • Helpful Dashboards: This suite offers a dashboard that provides details like orders pending, invoiced, packaged and shipped. It also gives an overview of all sales orders. 
  • Drop Shipping: Zoho Inventory creates a drop shipment when there is no stock left to fulfill the next order. The drop shipment feature allows vendors to directly ship packages to clients. 

Industry Expertise

Zoho Inventory provides inventory management support for growing businesses. It supports numerous third-party integrations and partners with some of the biggest and most trusted shipping carriers around the world.

Key Features

  • Inventory Control: Zoho Inventory offers a centralized inventory that automatically updates inventory quantities across all selling channels whenever a sale has been made. It also offers product listing, item kitting, re-ordering, and stock adjustments and more. 
  • Order Management: This system helps users manage sales and purchase orders. It also sends delivery updates from a single-source order management system. It manages all online orders through a single platform and integrates with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify. Users can set reorder points and get updates on vital stock-level information. 
  • Reports: Zoho Inventory analyzes multiple reports to study sales trends and uses inventory reporting options to display top performing items. It includes inventory reports, sales and customer reports, purchase and payment reports and activity logs. 
  • Warehouse Management: This system supports multiple warehouse environments and the transfer of stock between them. Users can also leverage actionable insights provided by included warehousing reports. It lets users set the closest warehouse to the customer when preparing sales orders to get products to their destinations as quickly as possible.nbsp;
  • Multichannel Selling: The solution manages, controls and measures multi-channel selling with the help of a single inventory management application. Zoho Inventory supports multiple currencies and uses multiple payment gateways to ensure quick and correct payments. 
  • Order Fulfillment: An included order fulfillment system manages workflows and fulfills orders. It also offers a common dashboard, automatic packing slips, over 40 integrated shipping carriers, and more.  


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  The currency functionality feature can be difficult to use with some customers. 
  •  It cannot segment customers based on purchase items. 
  •  Many of the shipping and e-commerce integrations are for countries other than the US. 

Zoho Inventory Suite Support

Zoho Inventory provides numerous support routes for its customers, including:
mail_outlineEmail: Users can email [email protected] for support questions and [email protected] for sales inquiries.
phonePhone: Zoho has multiple support phone lines — call (844) 316 5544 for the US, 08000856099 for the UK, 1800911076 for Australia and 80004440824 for United Arab Emirates users. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day five days a week.
schoolTraining: The resources tab on Zoho Inventory’s website contains helpful whitepapers, a customer forum, webinars, FAQs and other help documentation.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket through Zoho Inventory’s support contact page.

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