Benefits and Insights

Why use SpaceTRAX?

Key differentiators & advantages of SpaceTRAX

Complete control over high-value stock at your fingertipsWeb-based supply management software that requires limited involvement from your IT department, SpaceTRAX® Point of Use™ is based on a barcoding scanning system that reduces your workload by automating your control process:

  • Use SpaceTRAX anywhere you have an Internet connection!
  • Automatic Supply Management: Barcodes track part numbers, product descriptions, expiration dates, and lot/batch/serial numbers
  • Increased ROI: Optimize stock levels, eliminate losses due to expired products, and eliminate guesstimating and oversupplying
  • Improved Charge Capture: Make sure you are charging the patient record for every item used in a case
  • No hardware to purchase, no software to install
  • Professionally maintained database with tens of thousands of SKUs
  • Integration: Standard interfaces for billing, purchasing, and patient information
  • Manageability: Audit supply trail to accurately monitor product performance, item waste, and patient outcome
  • Convenience: Fits into existing workflow, reduces hours spent managing stock
  • Customer Support: Full-time customer service staff available to help with any questions or issues