Benefits and Insights

Why use Megaventory?

Key differentiators & advantages of Megaventory

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: By leveraging Megavetory’s fulfillment features, users can improve the accuracy and speed of their inventory management processes. Customers and clients gain visibility into the location and status of their orders and can rely on accurate delivery. 
  • Cloud-Based Benefits: Megaventory’s cloud-based inventory management platform includes a number of advantages over on-premise strategies. This type of deployment requires minimal setup, safely stores important documents and stays up to date automatically. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: This software platform supports access from mobile devices. Users can check in, view and interact with important inventory operations from anywhere at any time.  
  • Easy Interface: Megaventory’s management application provides an easy-to-use-and-access environment that generates and displays vital enterprise data. By including easy to use features, Megaventory allows users to route valuable resources to tasks that are more important than extensive software training. 
  • Cut Costs: Users can cut costs by reducing errors associated with human error when entering manual data and by achieving better inventory accuracy. By reducing inventory, users can cut back on expensive storage costs and make room for other products. 

Industry Expertise

Megaventory’s inventory management platform is in use by a number of industries across the globe including agriculture, telecommunications and consumer services.

Key Features

  • Inventory Management: Megaventory includes features that provide stock alerts, serial number application and tracking, location transfers, and multiple locations and warehouses. Complex operations can leverage all of these tools to stay competitive and run multi-warehouse enterprises. 
  • Tracking Tools: Megaventory supports manufacturing through a number of included features. Costs for works in progress, updates on quick or bulk manufacturing orders, labor costs per work order, and bills of materials are all viewable from an easy-to-access dashboard. 
  • Integrations: Integrations with QuickBooks, Zapier, Magento and Crossfire EDI are available. There are many other integrations and Megaventory will soon support Shopify as well. 
  • Order Fulfillment: This software platform supports client sales orders, supplier purchase orders, consignment sales and purchasing, automated fulfillment capability checks and more. 
  • Data Administration: Megaventory allows users to set data permissions on a per-user basis, backup and restore data, multiple currencies, and can drill down into valuable data related to the enterprise. Users can take this information and use it to plan and forecast. 


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  Does not support on-premise installation 
  •  Does not support mobile functionality for inventory management 
  •  Does not offer advanced transfer management features including voice-picking and pick-to-light 
  •  Does not support stock inquiries 
  •  Does not maintain a digital audit trail of inventory movement 

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: The best method for users to get help is through their live chat on their website.
phonePhone: There is a phone number available during business hours, but the best way to reach help is through a live chat function on Megaventory’s web page.
schoolTraining: Through the purchase of a Pro Plan, Megaventory provides two hours of training.
local_offerTickets: Questions can be submitted through a live chat service on their web page.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost Cost is based on the number of users, inventory locations and products
Maintenance Cost Included in subscription cost
Installation/Implementation Cost Included in subscription cost
Customization Cost This price is dependent on feature requirements. Customization costs may be impacted by UI changes, configurable dashboards, forms to collect data, workflow and elements required for tracking
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost This price depends on your current software, the amount of data being migrated, the complexity of data fields, level of automation and the tools that need to be used
Recurring/Renewal Costs A recurring monthly fee is charged at the beginning of each month that typically includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, training and support

Pricing for Inventory Management Software