Benefits and Insights

Why use Lead Commerce?

Key differentiators & advantages of Lead Commerce

  • Keep Track of Everything
    Our software keeps track of every variation of your products with an individual Stock Keeping Unit or SKU.

  • Perishable (Limited Shelf Life) Items
    Our software can track your SKUs at the "batch" level. This allows you to date your products with both a date of manufacture and expiration date.

  • Some Assembly Required
    Our software creates Work Orders for the items that you carry that must be assembled prior to shipping.

  • 3PL or Multiple Warehouse Situations
    If you use 3rd party logistic (3PL) companies or you manage your warehouse(s) yourself, our software has you covered.

  •  Reporting & Analysis
    Our software allows you to report on and build custom reports across all of your products and SKUs.

  • Kits & Bundles
    Kits and Bundles allow you to create products that contain other products when ordered (think gift basket).

  • Transfer Anywhere
    Lead Commerce allows you to track stock in as many locations as you need.

  • One Consolidated View 
    With one click you can see all of your SKUs, stock levels.
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