Benefits and Insights

Why use Canvus?

Key differentiators & advantages of Canvus

  • Inventory Transfer: The inventory management module assists users in transferring inventories within different locations. 
  • Minimum Stock: Users can create and maintain effective minimum stock amounts across a given period of time. Real-time alerts let users know when the minimum limit is about to be reached so they can take proactive measures. 
  • Accessibility: The tools can be accessed and used from any location at the click of a button. 
  • Unlimited Users: Any number of users within an organization can access the platform, unlike some of Canvus’ competitors that offer free solutions, such as Delivrd and Odoo Inventory. 
  • Unlimited Items: The software enables users to create and manage any number of items in their inventory. 
  • Unlimited Locations: A well-rounded toolset allows having multiple warehouses or inventory storing locations to perform easy inventory management, a feature not offered by other free IM platforms. 
  • Continual Improvement: Regular quarterly updates enable new features, enhancements and functions for day-to-day operations and management. 
  • Free Support: Canvus offers free support to its users. 

Industry Expertise

Stockpile serves small businesses such as banks, bakeries, coffee houses, pharmaceutical companies, online companies, retailers and marketing agencies.

Key Features

  • Inventory Management: Users can add new items, edit existing inventory stock levels, enter sales transactions and sales returns, and more with this tool suite. 
  • User Management: This feature allows users to set up and activate new accounts, change security for existing users, change passwords and deactivate existing users. They can also set up each user’s preferred time. 
  • Reporting Management: The solution helps manage inventory effectively, providing users with multiple report types, including inventory transactions, current stock count tables and current stock count lists. 
  • Change Management: This feature provides greater control over existing inventory items, areas, manufacturers and locations by letting users make edits or changes as needed. 


Based on user review and feedback, some of the product limitations include:
  •  Wait times for payment transfer from one account to the bank is long. 
  •  Printing images of inventory items can be challenging. 
  •  Handling inventory units with decimals is difficult, as the system is built to handle inventory in single units. 
  •  Searches for some inventory items return irrelevant results. 

Canvus Suite Support

Users need to create an account to get access to ongoing free support, which is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available by contacting [email protected]
phonePhone: For access to phone support, users need to login with their credentials.
schoolTraining: The Canvus Application website has several tutorials on setting up a company, user management, inventory management, making changes, reporting management and more.
local_offerTickets: No information available.