Zenefits vs Gusto: Which HR Software is the Winner?

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Zenefits and Gusto are two popular HR software choices that small businesses and medium-sized businesses alike can utilize through the cloud. These handy comprehensive solutions are both examples of HR software products that handle payroll, benefits, compliance and more from a central employee self-service platform. So let’s take a deeper look at both systems, as we compare Zenefits vs Gusto:

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Zenefits starts with payroll features like automated employee onboarding and employee updates, as well as help with W-2s, direct deposit and federal and state tax paperwork. The platform also offers handling for a range of benefits, from regular medical, dental and vision, to FHA/HSA and even “commuter benefits” for commuting employees.

Zenefits also offers business intelligence reports and filtering tools for employee information. The platform will help managers with Affordable Care Act compliance, and can generate compensation reports that show who’s getting what share of salary and wage expenses.

Zenefits also offers integration with a range of third-party applications. Salesforce CRM is compatible with the system. Zenefits users can also integrate with popular office suites like Office 365 and Google Apps, as well as adding communication features with systems like Slack. An eShares system is also compatible for equity and stock handling.

In addition, Zenefits provides your HR department access to experienced Zenefits brokers who use the company’s internal resources to help consult on a variety of benefits plans. With Zenefits, the model is that a company can use this third-party provider to interface with carriers and get access to the right employee health insurance plans that’ll help drive business success in full compliance with industry standards. Zenefits also provides help with questions about issues like COBRA eligibility and financial standards like ERISA.

Overall, the Zenefits platform is intended to be a versatile, automated way to support a HR department that has to manage any number of employees. From the time a new hire walks through the door to the end of the employee lifecycle, the Zenefits platform will aggregate and store crucial information about their benefits, deductions, compensation and more in order to make things easier for busy HR managers.

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The Gusto company is attentive to trends in the modern workforce, with business-facing advertising featuring a bright, clean interface and recognizable pop-culture figures in website graphics.

Gusto users can also get that range of HR features that drive a busy office — payroll software, benefits, compliance and various automation resources.

Gusto offers employee overview profiles on an easy-to-use dashboard, along with self-onboarding tools for new hires. It provides automated tax resources and helps handle time-off requests and attendance. Along with benefits, Gusto provides assistance with integrating 401(k) accounts for your full-time employees.

Licensed advisors provide consultation services with the Gusto platform. As a paperless, web-based platform, Gusto helps HR managers and business leaders become more efficient with employee paperwork. Users can also ask questions about ERISA, integrate popular applications like QuickBooks and track issues like workers’ compensation insurance.

As an additional plus, Gusto has partnered with Capital One to introduce the Capital One Spark Business program, where employees can be eligible to sign up for financial packages.

Zenefits vs Gusto: Which Should You Choose?

The bottom line is that both of these platforms offer many of the most common and popular payroll and benefits tools that save time for busy human resources departments. There’s a world of difference between hiring extra HR employees to push paper documents or fill bulky file folders, and having a cloud-based software that puts all of that data right at your fingertips when you need it the most.

You can use our comparison platform to look at features and functionality for Zenefits, Gusto and a range of other modern human resources software products. Figure out which one is right for your company, according to your size and unique business needs. But if neither of these systems fit your requirements, take a look at our HR Software Leaderboard to see some other industry-leading HR software vendors like Paychex and ADP HCM.

Compare HR Software Pricing & Costs with our Pricing Guide
SelectHubZenefits vs Gusto: Which HR Software is the Winner?

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