The 7 Main HRIS Software Solutions

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As technology advances, more companies are automating systems in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Tools to streamline human resource management tasks are now becoming more valuable as organizations look inward to determine the most effective use of employee assets. Some platforms are broader than others, and many of the solutions overlap in their functions. Below is a breakdown of seven types of HRIS software solutions.

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HRMS Software

Human resource management systems, or HRMS, are umbrella platforms that connect technology with your HR strategic plan in order to boost the efficiency of organizations. A comprehensive HRMS system manages almost every aspect of data collection and tracking in the HR department. HRMS software can manage payroll, recruitment, performance evaluations, employee scheduling and benefits administration. Most systems allow employees to enter their timesheet information, making it easy for employees and supervisors to monitor attendance.

Workforce Management

Many companies rely on a dynamic workforce. Not all employees come in at 9 am and leave at 5 pm. Sales team members may spend 70 percent of their day in the field, but they must return to the office for meetings. A customer service department may have hundreds of employees working in rotating shifts. Workforce management software not only keeps track of employee agendas and time in attendance, but also helps companies optimize the schedules and skills of their employees.

This type of software allows organizations to place workers where they are needed at the times when they would be most efficient in their jobs. It automates staffing requirements, leaving the HR team available to work on other tasks. This type of workforce solution can also reduce the amount of overtime pay a company shells out. With workforce management software, businesses can analyze the history of their needs and forecast future staffing requirements, making managing employees a more simple, streamlined process.

Time and Attendance

Every business, whether large or small, must track employee attendance. Automating this task can help save companies money. It also improves operations by adding the ability to effectively monitor this aspect of HR. If employees are paid based on the hours that they work, time and attendance software is vital for keeping accurate records. Even if employees are salaried, however, this tool can help to ensure that every employee is working as scheduled.

Using time and attendance software reduces the potential for error and helps to guarantee that employees are compensated properly. Most platforms allow employees to enter their time themselves, encouraging workers to take responsibility for their attendance and putting the accountability into their hands if errors do occur.


HR software can manage potential employees as well as current employees. The tool can automate the posting of job offerings as well as the sorting of incoming applications. With one click, you can often post your company’s job needs to a variety of websites. From the other side, applicants can submit resumes without meeting with anyone in person.

The system can eliminate unqualified candidates before they reach the eyes of anyone in the HR department, saving valuable time. Recruiting software can take the place of an HR assistant, allowing team members to step in only at the more advanced levels of the hiring process.

Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking software takes the recruiting process one step further. It can categorize applications as they come in and direct them to the appropriate member of the HR team. This tool can also keep track of the people on the hiring committee, making it easy to add or remove team members. Think of applicant tracking software as a solution that seamlessly organizes the data that is introduced during the hiring process. Applications are directed to the appropriate staff, and interviews can be scheduled automatically.

Talent Management

Once your employees are part of the team, it’s important to keep track of their qualifications, talents and certifications. If you have already used an HR software solution to recruit new employees, you’ll be able to copy much of this information over into the appropriate areas.

Keeping track of employee skills and knowledge can help you place the most qualified workers into different tasks within your organization. When a project comes up that requires someone with a background in e-commerce marketing, for example, you’ll know exactly who to enlist to develop a strategy. Company morale is improved when employees are enjoying their jobs; maintaining an accurate database of employee talent will allow you to make sure that this is happening.

Learning Management

The most valuable employees may be the ones who are always ready to learn. When you implement any kind of training in your organization, you can streamline the process with a learning management software solution. This tool makes it easy for a company to deliver online education and training to employees. E-learning software has been used to deliver content for online universities and can be used to replace in-person education or to supplement it.

A learning management system allows educators to create the training system once and implement it an unlimited number of times. With this type of tool, companies can track user registration and monitor the progress of each employee’s training. Many solutions offer performance evaluations that test employee comprehension of the material.

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In a 2013 article, Forbes explains why HR management software is so popular. Among the factors contributing to the increased adoption of HR management tools is the fact that most solutions are now based in the cloud. This makes it more efficient for all employees to access the tool even when they’re not in the office. HR management solutions are moving along with the times, helping companies become more flexible as they become more efficient.

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