Recruitment Software Features and Requirements Checklist


Reaching qualified professionals has become increasingly simplified with the help of online job boards and social media. However, this increases competition, and choosing the right person for the job becomes difficult with such a high volume of talented applicants. Hiring teams need to sort through resumes, schedule interviews, evaluate candidates and continually communicate throughout the process. Recruitment software steps in to automate these functions and streamline hiring procedures.

Recruitment software, at its most elemental, manages the functions associated with acquiring top talent to grow a business. Employers can use recruitment software throughout the entire process of candidate selection. Recruitment software features handle job posting, candidate assessment and onboarding procedures. More advanced features provide functionality that allows for the development of a customized application portal and in-depth reporting and analysis.

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We’ve compiled a checklist of the top recruitment software requirements below. When evaluating features, consider the needs of your business and the tools that would enhance your recruitment procedures.

Recruitment Process Management

Recruitment process management is the most basic feature of recruitment software. This function handles communication with applicants, from job description creation to job offer presentation, with notifications throughout the process. Essentially, the feature manages the functions recruitment software was created for: to attract potential employees to an organization.

In addition, recruitment process features manage non-candidate facing responsibilities that are needed to create an opportunity in the first place. This includes the hiring team duties of requesting the establishment of a new role, evaluating budget constraints and eventually, having the job approved and beginning the search for talent.

Job Requisition

Job Approval

Job Description

Job Offer Extension

Email Notifications

Job Postings

Job posting features are another crucial piece of recruitment software contributing directly to the goal of candidate sourcing and engagement. Employers can advertise job openings on various channels, including through their website, online ads, job boards and on social media. A process that may have been arduous without recruitment software is simplified with this feature, as businesses can post on multiple job sites almost automatically. With an expansive candidate base, more qualified applicants will respond to job postings, bringing in the perfect person for the job.

Premium Job Board Posting

Free Job Board Posting

Industry-Specific Job Board Posting

Social Media Job Posting

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Human resource departments assess potential employees throughout the application process, from job posting to selection. With an applicant tracking system, resume information is stored and evaluated automatically through the tool. An ATS takes on the task of filtering through candidates based on employer specifications. The system automates communication throughout the hiring process, alerting candidates of important updates. An ATS is an all-inclusive system for the management of administrative recruiting functions.

Candidate Pre-Screening


Candidate Evaluation

Employee Referrals

Talent Pool Management

Candidate/Employee Management

Once an opening is filled, the process of acclimating an employee to the company environment can begin. Onboarding features start the process of new employee orientation by making sure all necessary information is filed and verified — this includes background and reference checks, tax records, and standard identification forms. Recruitment software can manage the documentation that follows the hiring of a new employee.

Information Verification

Background Check

Reference Check

Engagement Monitoring


New Employee Management

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Resume Management

Recruitment software with resume management features provides a portal for people to submit applications along with a place for employers to view and evaluate candidates. Documents are sent to an inbox made specifically for resumes so hiring teams can access application materials in a central, organized location. Applicants can look at the status of their resume through the resume management portal.

Candidate Login

Resume Upload

Resume Extractor

Resume Inbox

Career Portal Development

Businesses can create a career portal for their website through the use of recruitment software. Then, applicants will be able to search for job opportunities directly with the company. Establishing an in-house career portal ensures information is accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, many vendors offer mobile career portal functionality and single click application, providing easy access to the portal and increasing the reach of opportunity postings.

Branded Company Job Site

Job Widgets

Opportunity Updates

Mobile Capabilities

Single Click Application Button

Reporting and Analytics

With reporting and analytics features, employers can evaluate potential talent and their hiring teams on a deeper level. Users can generate reports in relation to recruitment, presenting data on candidates and the hiring process in general. With this information, decision makers can plan for future changes to recruitment procedures.

Recruitment Reporting

Data Analysis

Report Sharing

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Recruitment software streamlines the process of hiring new talent through automated communication, candidate evaluation and onboarding management. A comprehensive recruitment system can add the benefits of saved time, money and labor to the way a business manages position openings. By adopting a system with the right recruitment software features your company can improve all stages of the recruitment process.

Alainia ConradRecruitment Software Features and Requirements Checklist


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    Recruitment software streamlines the process of hiring new talent through automated communication, candidate evaluation and onboarding management.

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