The Scoop on Online HR Software for Small Business

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What is Cloud/Online HR Software?

With current advances in technology, human resources software vendors are able to offer companies a variety of cloud and online connected HR software models.

An online or cloud-based human resources software product is delivered through the Internet. Its interface is loaded through a web browser, and all data flows to and from the vendor’s own offices to the client’s offices. There is no need to install resident software on premises for the client. Information does not need to go through the client’s servers. The cloud company takes the responsibility to archive data and make it accessible.

The idea of cloud HR software is based on the cloud model, where today’s software makers tend to deliver their products to their customers online. Many services are available on a subscription basis. There are no software cd’s to install on-site, and no complicated software keys to prevent theft. It can also be easier to provide tech support through the cloud, because the vendor already has access to client information and the client’s network.

Unique Human Resources Software Needs for SMBs

Small to mid-sized businesses can really benefit from having access to a cloud or online human resources software vendor product.

Small to mid-sized companies need to hire top talent to compete in their fields and industries. With cloud software, it can be easier to build out those showy, impressive outreach programs, manage in-house data, and provide a better impression for a business HR department.

Cloud HR software also helps to handle all the details of day-to-day work around payroll, benefits, time tracking and much more. Comprehensive cloud HR software dashboards are able to simplify the process of recording and retrieving data about wages, salaries, pensions, health insurance benefits and everything else related to the relationship between a business and one of its employees.

In general, cloud HR software services help with the tremendous record-keeping burden that’s on so many companies. Businesses have to provide adequate administration of employee records and other types of data sets, while maintaining compliance with industry standards like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Many cloud platforms have compliance protocols built right in, which takes care of all kinds of situations where human error could cause problems without professional guidance.

In addition, cloud or online HR software helps companies to track performance, to see where people are doing a great job, and where there’s an opportunity to improve what’s happening within a company.

Top Choices for Online HR Software


BambooHR offers software components to track vacation and sick time, tools for establishing skill sets and credentials for employees, customized data handling protocols and an employee self-service portal that provides easy visual representations of the people that make the business work.

Businesses can take a seven day free trial to figure out what this popular HR solution is all about.


Billed as a comprehensive HR platform, Namely has tools for payroll and time handling, including automatic benefits deductions, AR/AP reporting, tax filing information and reports around compliance standards. Employees can log in to view pay stubs and look at their employment histories.

This HR platform aims to keep everyone in business connected and empowered with an easy-to-use dashboard that helps managers make decisions.


The PeopleMatter platform offers complete workforce solutions with separate components for different kinds of HR tasks.

Choose from the functionality of PeopleMatter’s trademarked FIND, HIRE, LEARN, SCHEDULE and PERFORM segments to on-board new people, attract talent, or track performance. The entire employee life cycle is covered with this winning cloud HR software choice.


Like the above choices, Gusto also provides day-to-day information about payroll and benefits, as well as information on worker’s compensation insurance and more for administrators. There is compatibility with accounting programs, a mobile-friendly interface and much more, all delivered right through the cloud. This platform is known for its no-nonsense setup and ease of use, and works well with outside programs like QuickBooks.


Another popular cloud HR software platform is Zenefits, which is another cloud-based choice with all of the payroll, benefits, compliance and employment tracking services SMBs have come to know and love. With a wide customer base, Zenefits offers extras like business optimization consulting through its ‘HR Advisor’ module. Get a limited time free one month offer to get a front-seat view of the functionality of this package.


The Justworks platform encourages businesses to “work fearlessly” with a cutting-edge product that incorporates payroll, benefits, compliance, on-boarding and more. An employee dashboard adds accessibility, and allows users to request time off, look at pay stubs or find other important documents, as well as a company calendar. HR management tools allow managers to manage permissions, add events to the calendar, and get support from tech-savvy professionals.

Use the SelectHub platform to get accurate, easy comparisons of these types of HR software products – to streamline business HR for the twenty-first century.

SelectHubThe Scoop on Online HR Software for Small Business

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