BambooHR Competitors: Competitive Analysis of Top 8 Alternatives

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BambooHR is one of the most popular packages for human resources software solutions, but it’s not the only one out there. Here are eight more highly rated HR software products and platforms where companies offer clients the ability to handle payroll, recruiting and much more through an easy to use, comprehensive resource package.

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CoreHR helps companies to manage payroll, talent acquisition, benefits, on-boarding and other aspects of business, like expense management — a people management dashboard shows information about employees at a glance, to help with every stage of the employee lifecycle.

One of the strengths of this platform is the integration of key components for employee management, as well as sales, business intelligence and other types of enterprise learning, backed by community support and a big digital learning center that helps clients get more acquainted with the platform. CoreHR got a 100% rating on SelectHub, with a lot of winning features for assisting a busy HR department in style.

Interact HRMS

This is another comprehensive platform that got a 100% community rating on SelectHub. Interact HRMS helps with recruitment and hiring, benefits management, FMLA and time off, payroll, and job classifications. It offers a self-service portal for employees and job applicants. Some training services are also included.

Interact HRMS is supported by available 24/7 virtual assistance. Interact HRMS provides total implementation and integration for the platform, and helps with project planning and more. It’s another compelling choice for companies that want to upgrade to a more automated HR experience.


One of the key things that this platform addresses is variable compensation — with a raft of built-in features, CallidusCloud can use available information to organize the business intelligence that will lead to proper scaling and employee compensation.

In addition, other types of CallidusCloud will help to handle other human resources jobs including on-boarding, payroll and the handling of sales commissions, as well as various other types of business HR tasks. This platform appears to be built more for sales businesses, or those with a significant sales component.

APS Payroll

APS Payroll helps with payroll, time and attendance, on-boarding and recruiting. Other tools focus on Affordable Care Act compliance and other employer responsibilities. APS Payroll is built customized for specific industries such as restaurants, hospitalities businesses, healthcare businesses and wholesalers. A core HR platform helps to automate many of the jobs that human resources people do, with a self-service portal, benefits information in a database, and analytics for certain kinds of workforce-centered business intelligence. This is another platform managing the entire employee lifecycle, from application to retirement or other exit from the company.


Namely HR platform also includes payroll tools, time handling resources, automatic benefits help, and customized enterprise reports, along with support for company accounting and compliance efforts. This platform also has a portal where employees can get self-service access to their employment information, saving labor in an HR department and empowering the entire staff.


The Zenefits platform extends the role of a benefits and payroll platform, with basic payroll, on-boarding, tax and benefits information, but also with other tools that go beyond the basics to offer Affordable Care Act compliance assistance, help with complicated employee benefits, and an eye toward workers’ compensation insurance and other responsibilities. Support from professional advisors is also part of the Zenefits package, and an easy to use platform with abundant support makes customers feel taken care of.


With the iCIMS HR package, businesses get comprehensive HR support from a name brand provider, with mobile-friendly applications and resources with a specific focus on hiring. iCIMS recruiting and  applicant tracking tools help companies to make those connections that they need to survive – the iCIMS on-boarding suite helps with getting new employees better connected to the corporate culture. Specific visual dashboards help with recruitment and what iCIMS calls “candidate relationship management,” bringing a visual and interactive approach to what used to be a quite limited relationship between companies and job seekers.

Epicor HCM

Epicor’s “Human Capital Management” or HCM tools provide capable business assistance through the cloud, automating and assisting with HR processes such as analyzing employee data, recruiting, providing leave and time off, and administrating benefits. This name brand enterprise software provider offers its human resources platform on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, delivered straight through the web. It’s part of a bigger network of Epicor tools and resources for specific industries and business needs.

Any of these winning HR platforms can help a company to scale, and to save a lot of labor in a labor-intensive part of the business. Use SelectHub’s comparison site to make accurate comparisons and get the best HR software for your company.

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SelectHubBambooHR Competitors: Competitive Analysis of Top 8 Alternatives

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