6 Reasons Why Companies Love Employee Self-Service HRIS

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When you spend four out of every five hours on paperwork and administration, it’s time to consider a change. Since that is the daily life of many in HR, using self-service HRIS is a worthy solution. The more employees can handle HR-related tasks themselves, the fewer messes are left for HR professionals. That’s why companies love self-service HRIS. Here are six ways a new generation of HR systems streamline your HR department and allow you to focus on activities which provide more value to your organization. 

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1. Improve Employee Satisfaction

Today’s employees, particularly millennials, want more control over their career. By giving them direct access to information about training and advancement opportunities, you allow them to be in the driver’s seat of their own path to promotion. The more control employees have, the less time they spend asking about internal programs. Empower them and see the satisfaction numbers zoom upward.

2. Drive Data Accuracy

In a world driven by data, the BI analytics tools offered by self-service HRIS can help turn an HR database into a predictive tool. You can look within your organization to find employees with the needed skills and experience to tackle virtually any project. This allows you to better mobilize your employees to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy. Also, since self-service HRIS allows employees to update their personnel information, this helps eliminate data entry errors and helps ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Faster Recruiting

Did you know that 46 percent of new hires leave in the first 18 months? The cost of turnover is incredible, and filling positions with the right person can be time-consuming. By offering current employees access to online job placement opportunities, you can leverage your internal workforce to fill vacancies. Not only will they be more likely to apply for a job, but they are also more likely to refer a qualified candidate. This can help eliminate hours spent pouring over resumes and days scheduling interviews.

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4. Fewer Questions

Don’t let your HR staff spend hours generating replacement pay stubs or sending benefits updates. They could be working on implementing new training plans, filling positions and saving the company money with better compensation monitoring. By letting employees access their compensation information directly, you help minimize the number of times they need to go to HR for answers. Fewer queries mean more productivity in HR.

5. Lower Costs

Online services help keep the costs of HR management low. A recent report by Forrester Research shows that the cost of each transaction can be cut from an average of $35 via phone to only $0.75 via online platforms. Also, more customer service activities will move online, making the web the preferred channel for customers, employees and other service inquiries.

6. Easy Reporting

HR managers do a lot more than handle questions. They also work with budgets to keep departments running at full staff and within budget, among many other tasks. HR can be the axle on which your organization turns. By giving managers the same access to information as the HR department, you allow them to generate internal reports quickly and easily. This gives each department the information they need to better meet goals, identify workflow bottlenecks and other information that can improve performance.

With self-service HRIS, you can turn your HR department into a one-stop hub: allowing employees to direct their own path to success as HR focuses on cost-cutting measures, like turnover reduction and faster onboarding. You can keep data quality high, without adding hours to the HR budget. By letting employees take on tasks like data entry, businesses improve HR productivity and reduce hours spent on administration.

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SelectHub6 Reasons Why Companies Love Employee Self-Service HRIS

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