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Why use Zoho People?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zoho People

  • Provide Employee Self-Service (ESS): Zoho People enables employees to access their information. They can apply for leave, edit personal details, mark skills, monitor their information such as available PTO and more, all from a central dashboard. 
  • Streamline Document Management: A document repository provides a central location for storing and accessing company assets, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. Access permissions keep sensitive documents secure, and notifications keep employees updated when files are added. The tool also connects with e-signature apps to simplify managing contracts, offer letters and more. 
  • Track Attendance & Time: Tools such as shared calendars, an automated scheduler, timesheets and time logs help you manage time tracking. You can record time worked on projects, assign different shifts to different pay rates and schedule jobs, among other things. Zoho People also includes geo-tracking, integration with biometric devices, clock in and clock out tools, and flexibility to configure each user’s settings. 
  • Simplify Tasks: Workflow automation allows you to cut down on the time involved managing common tasks. The system takes you through the set up process and lets you assign criteria for triggers. Automations include configuring email alerts, managing tasks, setting event reminders, scheduling reports and email updates, and updating data fields as changes occur within your company. 
  • Customize the System: You can generate custom forms of any type using a drag-and-drop interface and a host of field types to capture the information you want. There are also settings for configuring user access and functionality that allows you to reuse forms. Validation rules give you the ability to put limits on what people can enter into fields. In addition, you can set custom actions to trigger events instead of needing to put workflows in place. 
  • Ensure GDPR Compliance: Features that support editing, deleting and transferring data to another controller ensure compliance with GDPR requirements, such as the right to rectify, the right to erasure and the right to data portability. It also contains audit logs that record processing activities, data encryption capability and security measures such as location-based restrictions. 
  • Extend Zoho People: Besides connecting with additional HR-related applications, Zoho People can integrate with the larger suite of Zoho products for project management, bookkeeping, invoicing, analytics, CRM and more. It also connects with third-party apps including Zapier, G Suite, QuickBooks, DocuSign and Adobe Sign to achieve a scalable solution. 
  • Promote Collaboration: The solution provides tools that facilitate effective communication. Feeds allow workers to easily track information such as announcements, shift updates and project details, while managers can see the requests that are pending approval. You can send messages to individuals, entire departments or other types of groups. The solution also keeps everyone informed about updates via mobile and web notifications. 

Industry Expertise

Zoho People provides HR management for all industries. However, it specializes in healthcare, finance, IT, media and advertising, and education. The software is used across 27 countries by companies like Medlife, Visual BI and Cabot Technology Solutions.

Key Features

  • Employee Database Management: Zoho People provides a central database for managing employee information. You can split people into groups, bulk add employees, and centralize records from different countries. It also includes an org tree and communication tools for group or department collaboration. Automatic syncing between the platform and other integrated systems ensures data accuracy and eliminates manual entry. 
  • Leave Management: The software allows you to customize leave management rules for simplified calculation of PTO, rollovers and more. It also supports a global workforce with configuration options for different regional holidays. Different views let employees quickly see their leave data and automatic scheduling tools allow you to convert absences into leaves for administrative purposes. 
  • Analytics: Reports and dashboards provide insights into every aspect of HR management. You can track metrics like turnover, hiring vs. attrition, growth rates, tasks, employee counts, time logs and more. 
  • Performance Management: The system supports feedback from multiple sources for more accurate assessments. It also facilitates review cycles where employees and managers can engage in 360-degree feedback. Tagging allows employees to show what skills they have, which you can then match with job requirements. Key Resulting Areas (KRAs), goal setting and tracking, and skills work together to reveal performance, and you can use competency ratings to evaluate employees. Finally, analysis and reporting tools reveal performance insights. 
  • Mobile App: Native apps for iOS and Android devices support all HR functions, giving users full capability anywhere. Many actions only require a single click to complete. 
  • Case Management: With this feature, your organization can handle all cases and requests created by employees. You can build categories and include documents such as FAQs and policies for easy access. Comment functionality within individual cases removes the need for email exchanges, and you can manage other case details directly from each case’s tab. 

Zoho People Suite Support

Zoho’s customer support team is available to answer questions 24 hours a day, five days a week.

mail_outlineEmail: For email support, contact [email protected]
phonePhone: Support via phone is available for paying customers. The U.S. number is +1 (800) 900-9646. Zoho’s website lists numbers for nine additional countries.
schoolTraining: The solution doesn’t offer any structured training materials. However, it provides a number of self-service options that help users learn about the system. A knowledge base provides an onboarding guide that covers leave policies, shift management and organization settings. Additional resources include a comprehensive user guide, an API guide, a welcome guide and product update notes.
local_offerTickets: Zoho People’s help page includes an option for submitting tickets. It takes you to a form where you can send a request. In addition to general details, the form lets you select the request’s urgency and attach files if desired.

Zoho People Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

303 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on the aggregate of reviews from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Easy to Use: 64% of users who refer to the UI indicated that it’s user-friendly, which makes it easier for new users to adapt to the platform.
  • Customization: Great levels of customization, especially with forms, are available, according to 75% of reviews mentioning customization.
  • PTO and Timesheet: All reviewers who reference this element found that Zoho People is a good tool for managing PTO and timesheets for employees.
  • Performance Management: All reviewers who mention this feature stated that the tool allows managers to handle the performance of several employees individually, with specific reports for all critical metrics.


  • Inability to Edit: According to 100% of reviews referencing this feature, all editing is controlled by the administrator, preventing individuals from doing even basic edits such as for personal details.
  • System Bugs: 85% of users mentioning this aspect observed the presence of bugs, some of which affect essential features and cause the mobile app to crash.
  • Ineffective Mobile App: The mobile app doesn’t have all features of the web version, and it’s difficult to find details such as certificates and documents or upload new documents, according to 100% of reviews referring to the app.
  • Lacks Recruitment and Payroll: According to 80% of reviewers that mention this shortcoming, the lack of payroll and recruitment tools requires users to find another solution in addition to Zoho People, which can be cumbersome and unfeasible.

Researcher's Summary:

Zoho People is a good solution for growing companies as it supports businesses of all sizes and is easy to use. The ability to create and add custom modules, using tabs and forms, is a noteworthy functionality. The biggest drawback at this time is the absence of payroll and recruiting modules. It also suffers from bugs and has an under-featured mobile app. However, it’s time and performance management capabilities have a lot to offer. All in all, it’s a good value for the price with some great features and benefits, best for companies that don’t mind using third-party payroll and recruitment solutions.

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