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Why use Vibe HCM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Vibe HCM

  • Accelerate and Simplify Onboarding: HR admins can configure personalized preboarding and onboarding programs for new recruits. Features include welcome emails, videos, personalized messages, org charts, mentor assignment, live chat, access to new hire communities, online learning, new hire compliance and suggested activities (profile completion, benefits review, etc). This allows new hires to quickly acclimate and become engaged. 
  • Address Talent Gaps: Talent charts enable you to quickly visualize your workforce and identify gaps that you need to address. With this insight, you can assess talent in real time. The solution includes the following charts: performance, engagement, 9-box and succession, diversity, compensation, span of control, social contributions and regrettable turnover. 
  • Analyze Employees in Real Time: Talent cards are similar to talent charts but offer at-a-glance insights at the employee level. They provide individual snapshots of various talent-related metrics like compensation, performance, social contributions, succession and 9-box. 
  • Understand Your Workforce Better: With Vibe Insights’ proprietary algorithm, it’s possible to measure each employee’s engagement level. The program does this by tracking login activity and usage data (i.e., how an employee interacts with other employees, groups, and content throughout the system). In addition to predicting potential satisfaction, this helps you uncover retention issues and identify areas where employees need support. 
  • Make Decisions Backed by Data: Vibe Insights is built to be accessible for all users, even those without extensive technical skills. It allows you to create custom reports from scratch using drag-and-drop and filtering capabilities. Dashboards provide visuals that are easy to share. These tools enable you to analyze data from dozens of critical sources throughout the employee lifecycle so your organization can make data-driven decisions. 
  • Deliver a Seamless Experience Across All Devices: Vibe HCM is built using progressive web app (PWA) technology, which means the HR portal works like a mobile app. Users gain full access to the platform from any browser on any internet-connected device without needing to install an app. This provides a completely seamless user experience. The PWA capabilities ensure the platform is always updated, responsive and accessible offline. 
  • Cultivate Employee Growth: The system supports 360-degree performance evaluation so every employee can receive in-the-moment feedback that’s relevant and actionable. It also provides user-friendly tools that team leads and managers can use to engage in continuous coaching with employees. 
  • Centralize Collaboration: Vibe HCM allows you to create multiple work communities based on roles, tenure, programs and interests. Activity streams within the community hub make it easy for employees to converse and collaborate. It supports advanced features such as tagging, featured posts and multiple media types. 
  • Help New Hires Feel Welcome: The solution lets you embed videos from existing employees and add live chat functionality for new hires to connect with other employees. This helps them become familiar with the organization and feel accepted from day one. 
  • Build a Strong Culture: The solution includes tools for creating wellness, employee support and volunteer programs as part of your employee benefits. This helps your organization stand out as a socially responsible, people-centric company, which attracts employees and increases loyalty. 

Industry Expertise

Vibe HCM has been in business for more than 20 years. It supports clients in sectors such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, education, food and construction, but is suitable for any industry. Customers include Adtalem Global Education, California Pizza Kitchen and Zions Bancorporation. Over one million employees use the platform.

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Key Features

  • Payroll Processing: Vibe HCM allows you to execute payroll on time and without errors. Reports, a general ledger you can customize, and wage garnishments are among its features. 
  • Benefits Administration: Capabilities include automated life events and enrollments, benefits programs, total rewards statements and ACA compliance to keep your organization in line with regulations. 
  • Recruiting Management: With Vibe HCM, you can automate the applicant tracking and hiring process. The solution allows you to sync applicant LinkedIn profiles, and it promotes the social sharing of job posts across social networks and communities. You can configure applicant questions, view timelines, manage job postings, schedule interviews, generate reports, source talent internally, make bulk updates and more. Features like I-9, EEO reporting and e-verify ensure compliance. 
  • Organization Management: This feature enables you to organize your company’s departments, teams, jobs and other units via org charts. Drag-and-drop tools and built-in approvals make it easy to manage and update your organization’s structure. 
  • Time and Labor Management: These tools are integrated into the overall platform for more effective tracking. The module delivers mobile access, time-off requests, work schedules, cost tracking at different intervals (monthly, weekly, etc.) and more. Users can record time via punch-in or timesheets. 
  • Training Tools: The LMS module helps your organization support agile learning by offering content development. You can create and publish training materials at any time, as well as build personal networks. Peers can share content and collaborate within communities. Built-in intelligence algorithms can recommend which sessions are most relevant to employees, so they don’t have to guess or search on their own. You can also offer and manage certifications and licenses, if needed. 
  • Employee Surveys: Vibe HCM offers several ways to continuously measure engagement and employee sentiment. Pulse surveys allow you to gather timely feedback whenever needed and can be used at the company or team level. Life cycle surveys automatically trigger when an employee reaches preset milestones or events with your company. 
  • Self-Service: Both managers and employees have access to self-service capabilities. Managers are able to process transactions while employees can view their profile information and make updates as necessary. It also supports automating recurring processes like new hires, terminations, promotions and pay changes. 
  • Branded Career Sites: Your organization can deploy career sites that are both internal- and external-facing. The sites feature a responsive design, making them mobile-friendly. You can incorporate company branding along with photos, videos and company messages to deliver customized content that reflects your organization. 
  • Employee Recognition Banner: The platform includes a rotating banner to help employees gain recognition within your company. The banner displays the most recent messages on the platform homepage. 
  • Global Support: The solution includes the ability to set multiple languages and currencies for organizations that operate globally. 

Vibe HCM Suite Support

In addition to the support options described below, Vibe HCM provides a range of customer service features. Customers receive a Client Success Manager, access to product experts and help from professionals like project managers for specific stages of their customer journey.

Users also receive technical support during implementation, which includes sandboxes for testing, data integration and conversion, and launch support.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email [email protected] to receive assistance with specific issues or [email protected] for general support needs.
phonePhone: Phone support is available.
schoolTraining: Vibe HCM provides hands-on training for new users, as well as sessions for any current customers that need a refresher. Users have access to videos, user guides and other technical documentation to gain further knowledge. There are also product webinars that take users through various system functionalities. They can be viewed on the training page on Vibe HCM’s website.
local_offerTickets: No dedicated ticketing system is available. Users can reach out via phone or email with support issues.

Vibe HCM Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

97 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from user ratings and reviews, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Easy to Use: 90% of reviewers who mention ease of use feel it’s easy to manage employee information and use features such as payroll and performance evaluations.
  • Customer Support: All reviewers who refer to customer support observed that queries are taken seriously and technical support is always available via phone or email.
  • Customizable: The software can be highly personalized, according to 65% of reviewers who mention customization.
  • Affordable: All reviewers who mention pricing state Vibe HCM is affordable.
  • Security: The system has robust security features, making it safe and secure to use, according to all users who reference this aspect.


  • Requires Training: 60% of reviewers who mention usage feel that the learning curve is challenging and the software is a bit complex to understand in the beginning.
  • Not for Small Companies: The software is not ideal for small or startup organizations due to the skill required, as observed by 80% of reviewers who mention the size of business.
  • Requires Strong Network: All reviewers who refer to speed asserted that the software requires strong connectivity to run without errors.

Researcher's Summary:

Vibe HCM is a unified platform having features such as talent, recruiting, onboarding, engagement, analytics and payroll. Many reviewers noted that the software requires skilled manpower for effective operation, so it may not be ideal for small organizations with limited technical resources. Also, becoming familiar with the application may take a relatively long time. However, the ease of use, strong security, quick customer service and customizable workflows make Vibe HCM a complete package that can provide a fruitful HR experience.

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We are very excited about the partnership we have built that is fueled by innovation and building creative (often non-typical) strategies to really make an impact on our business.

This is a terrific product with world-class customer service. It works as advertised.

A note from Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM provides the best of both worlds – HR transactions & compliance plus strategic employee engagement – delivering a proven, unified platform specifically packaged for the mid-market. We partner with talent-driven businesses with a personalized approach to showcase their brand/culture and enrich their employee experience.

We offer true measurable engagement through Vibe Insights™, combining traditional talent information with sentiment, engagement, social data and peer recognition. Gaining visibility into the holistic picture in one platform takes the guesswork out of measuring and improving your organizational health. Vibe HCM is delivered via Vibe Anywhere™, a type of Progressive Web Application that seamlessly renders content and supports interactions automatically optimized for any device. Vibe Anywhere eliminates the need for app downloads/updates/refreshes, removing barriers to adoption and creating intuitive user experiences – the forerunners to engagement.

- Devin Harris, Senior Marketing Manager

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