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Key differentiators & advantages of TriNet

  • Saves Time: The automation saves time and money that would be spent doing tedious administrative tasks. With time tracking that gets ported directly into the system, accounting cuts down on time importing data. Lastly, the HR consulting services offer suggestions and guidance so executives can expend their energy in their area of expertise.
  • Greater Accuracy: With automatic calculations for taxes, hours, payroll, benefits, deductions and more, it cuts down on errors that could be easily made with a misplaced equation in an Excel or Google Sheets file. The greater visibility for the employee into each paycheck also ensures that the mistakes that do occur can be caught more quickly and fixed expediently.
  • Minimize Risk: The extensive risk management components of this platform help protect an organization from costly errors in compliance, regulation or company policy. This is especially important for tax laws, Affordable Care Act guidelines, unemployment or insurance claims and regulations for employee benefits. The system’s HR consulting services can double-check the work of in-house personnel to ensure there aren’t steps being missed or industry-specific rules being ignored. Other areas where the compliance advice can help include 401Ks, 5500 forms, COBRA administration, data tracking, preparing reports for audits, workers’ compensation and more. Here are some of the ways it helps.
    • Affordable Care Act: The ACA tools are an Applicable Large Employee calculator, auto-populated roots, deadline changes, determining the monthly full-time equivalent count, tracking employees and all other requirements.
    • Employment Practices: This preparation helps cut down on the amount of filed claims that will need to be combatted. With online reference libraries and best practices for disciplinary action, performance reviews, terminations and other procedures, it can help staff prepare for such difficult cases. It also comes with employee handbooks, reference library, state-specific HR forms, law resources, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission best practices and other advice from a legal team.
    • Workers’ Compensation: It protects employees and the company with good insurance plans, pay-as-you-go billing, fraud prevention, quick claims handling, medical care and nurse advocacy. Users can also get assessments by industry, an analysis of potential risks, monitoring, workplace safety guidelines, management training, training videos and ideas for how to bring employees back to work.
  • More Accessible: The transparent self-service dashboard allows users to manage their benefits and take control of their financial situation within the company. This includes direct deposit, pay stub overviews, tax form printouts, compensation statements, insights into benefits, retirement benefits, mobile access to paychecks and benefits, time-off requests and paycheck history.
  • Taxes: Integrate with TurboTax and handle the creation and filing of W-2s. Through the automated processes, it can also handle administration for unemployment, payroll collection, handling claims and withholding and submitting local, state and federal taxes.

Industry Expertise

TriNet has grown rapidly in volume according to the article, “Announcing: TriNet Group (NYSE:TNET) Stock Increased An Energizing 300% In The Last Five Years,” from Simply Wall Street. As of August 2020, the share price is up almost 40% per quarter. In 2020, TriNet won eight Silver Telly Awards for its marketing campaign called, “People Matter.” This is a marketing campaign honoring achievement in TV and video. It’s also been listed in multiple different publications such as Entrepreneur, Fortune, USA Today, SHRM and the Wall Street Journal.

Key Features

  • Payroll Management: The solution has multiple functions for managing payroll, taxes, hiring, direct deposit, viewing pay stubs, seeing W-2s, automated and estimated invoicing and more. Users can view, modify or enroll in their benefits, see tax forms and track their PTO easily. This follows the entire employee lifecycle such as hiring, onboarding, promotion and offboarding.
  • Benefits: The platform can accommodate a wide range of benefits that could include the following:
    • Insurance: It manages insurance for employees, spouses and pets. The insurance types include health insurance, retirement, critical accident and illness, auto and home insurance, commuter benefits, dental and vision. The insurance partners are Aetna, Aflac, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser Permanente, Mass Mutual, MetLife, Transamerica and UnitedHealth Group.
    • Retirement: It manages 401(k) plans to attract top talent and handles the contributions, data management compliance testing, investing, the loan process and more. The investments for retirement can come in a mix of active and passive funds from more than one company.
  • Company Size: The solution caters to a few different company sizes. It can be used by companies with five to 19 employees, 20 to 29 employees, 100 to 499 employees and 500 to over 1,000 workers.
  • Integrations: It comes with an open API and a few pre-configured integrations so users can coordinate with accounting software, general ledger systems, data productivity and more. Some of the integrations include BambooHR, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Netsuite, Okta, Sage Intaact and Xero
  • Time and Attendance: The platform comes with time tracking abilities that can handle scheduling, overtime, project expenses, clocking in and out, PTO and time-off requests and more. Supervisors get a comprehensive overview of worker hours whenever they need it.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The metrics allow insights into benefits, HR, payroll, expenses and more. Users can choose from premade reports and export them into CSV, Excel or PDF formats. Managers can see the biggest costs, overtime, expenses and figure out how to control them. They can also see how the organization is growing, turnover rates, benchmarks and sort by function, location or role. Some of the template options include pre-formatted, flex and customized reports.
  • Compliance: Improve compliance with reporting for ACA standards, required forms and automatic submissions.
  • Manage Expenses: Monitor expenses and examine receipts, cash-flow, mileage and other issues. Users can access these capabilities from their phone so employees can accurately report their expenses from anywhere.
  • Other Services: In addition to the capabilities of the software for payroll purposes, it has software for other subjects and HR consulting services. This other software includes talent management, recruiting, performance reviews and a learning management system.


At the time of this review’s publication, these are the limitations of TriNet, based on user feedback:

  • Some find the user interface hard-to-use
  • Customers complain about rising costs, especially for health care rates
  • Some think the system administrator doesn’t have enough control

TriNet Suite Support

TriNet offers support by phone, email, online form on the support page and online chat. It also has a host of additional resources like articles, blogs, polls, tutorials, videos, webinars and whitepapers for users looking to expand their knowledge base and self-serve. Support is available 24 hours a day, though phone support has restricted hours.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email [email protected] with questions and issues.
phonePhone: Phone support is available from 6:00 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST from Monday to Friday. The Number is (800) 638-0461.
schoolTraining: It’s unclear if they offer help with onboarding the product.
local_offerTickets: There’s an online form on the help page. It’s possible filling out this form or sending an email sets up a ticket, but there’s no confirmation of this on the site.
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