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Align Your Workforce - Create a sense of understanding around what high performance looks like at your organization. Align your team with these goals and priorities — then track progress. 
Recognize and Reward Performance - Recognize and communicate great performance, and provide continuous feedback to your employees. A strong evaluation system is not just important post-hire, it also helps attract stronger candidates who want to receive regular feedback and grow within the company
Identify and develop future leaders - Focus on continual employee development by identifying future leaders as well as coaching opportunities. Tools like the 9-Box Grid assist in measuring employee potential.
Utilize talentReef training to drive improvements - Leverage talentReef Training to close any skills gaps that surface through feedback, coaching, and appraisals. Make it easy for employees to register for non-required courses that align with their career path goals.

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Hospitality / Gaming / Travel
20 - 49
Great hiring program
I like that it puts scores by my applicatants
Nothing much to say that I don't like. Great product.
Food & Beverage
500 - 999
Employee management software for large and small companies
Online application process is nice and user friendly. Was a great platform for a small and large business to be able to accept online and mobile applications for employment. Also a great to to onboard staff through the hiring process
Set up requires many man hours. You get out if it what you put into it
Initially used in a larger company and the training process for managers to use effectively was long and confusing. Have a plan to implement and train users thoroughly or it will not be used correctly. Once familiarity is there it is a great tool for a team to use to be on the same page for hiring process where turnover is more frequent
Healthcare / Social Services
1000 - 2499
The customer service was excellent. The account reps are knowledgeable about the product and can help the customer navigate a very bulky, cumbersome process. Posting new jobs is very easy.
The process to release an applicant is extremely difficult. There is not an alert to let the person who posted the job to alert that there are new applicants. The whole process is very difficult.
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