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Key differentiators & advantages of SyncHR

  • Use a Central System of Record: SyncHR is a unified platform that stores all information in a single database. This eliminates dual entry, streamlines data management and produces accurate data. It also allows the benefits, payroll and HR modules to seamlessly reflect updates and access configurations so they work as a connected unit. 
  • View Real-Time Insights: Tools let you build dashboards with tables and charts as well as ad-hoc reports that have drag-and-drop functionality for easily adding elements. The system includes a library of premade reports, or you can turn to SyncHR’s professional services offering to build custom reports. The reporting feature is also equipped with a time-relational model that grants a wider perspective of data, along with custom feeds that enable you to integrate with legacy systems. 
  • Develop a Skilled Workforce: The platform includes learning management capabilities so your organization can deliver e-learning. Features include content creation, pre-built courses, customization controls, on-demand learning, surveys and more. Automatic enrollment supports onboarding by sending required courses to new hires when they join. 
  • Empower Greater Performance: The performance management component offers tools for motivating employees and aligning them with business goals. It supports alerts and reminders, automation of the evaluation process and goal capturing. You can access and configure profiles as well as various performance factors. Reports and customizable dashboards provide insights. 
  • Increase Adoption of the Application: An intuitive interface encourages employees and admins to use the system. 

Industry Expertise

SyncHR is particularly suitable for companies in the following sectors: retail, high tech, manufacturing and distribution, financial services, property management, healthcare and life sciences, and professional services. Its client base of over 250 customers includes Sphero, Omaha Track, Harvest Properties and QueBIT.

Key Features

  • Core HR: SyncHR is equipped with the following features: data management for compliance reporting, a dynamic org chart, document storage, position management and an employee self-service portal. 
  • Payroll: You can run date-based payroll for performing calculations in the past, present or future. You also have the ability to make adjustments in the middle of a period to account for new hires and other changes. The payroll feature supports automatic tax configurations, mass pay and retro-pay calculations. It also has a summarized sub-ledger, which balances entries for accurate accounting. 
  • Recruiting: This built-in module allows for a smooth flow from recruiting through onboarding. You can post openings on job boards, run background checks and create digital offer letters. Hiring managers have the ability to collaborate in the process by viewing and communicating with candidates. The system also supports WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) compliance. 
  • Compensation Management: SyncHR enables you to support a variety of compensation functions. The application includes an evaluation system to support fair and objective pay, salary updates, and a job description library for consistent compensation. A salary grade tool ensures your pay aligns with industry standards. You can also use the system to plan performance-based increases. 
  • Time and Attendance: This feature supports multiple methods for logging time, including mobile devices, time clocks and web punching. Scheduling capabilities help keep workers and shifts organized. Defining pay rules for individuals lets you track labor costs, and metrics on exceptions help you remain compliant. Automation is available for accruals and attendance. 
  • Benefits Administration: Some of the tools in this module include configuration for event rules and eligibility, ACA data, support for 1094 and 1095 forms, integration with carriers to support seamless data updates, and Evidence of Insurability (EOI) automation. The system guides employees through enrollment via a user-friendly interface that only populates applicable plans, and it supports guides, comparisons and help sections to assist employees with the process. Employees can trigger life events, and the system uses predetermined settings to update coverage details. 

SyncHR Suite Support

SyncHR supports customers by offering implementation assistance. After the rollout, ongoing support is available via a customer care team, success reports, a customer success manager and more. SyncHR also offers professional services that include tax assistance, report development, additional training and other technical support.

Email: No support email is listed. However, users can submit a ticket to receive assistance.
Phone: The customer care line is (888) 699-2288.
Training: Users have a range of training tools at their disposal, such as live webinars, self-paced courses and templates. SyncHR’s training also includes a library of third-party resources and access to change enablement consultants.
Tickets: Users must log in to their account in order to submit a ticket.
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Wholesale Distribution
50 - 99
Software Advice
It is pretty straight forward in terms of where you need to go to look for certain things. Sign in and you have a menu of the different things you have access to depending on what your HR wants you to see. We can access our tax info and see our personal info. It's really easy to make changes to your information if needed. Clocking in and clocking out is straight forward and if any change requests are needed that is easily doable as well. Requesting time off is very simple and to the point which is always helpful, your balances are readily available.
From time to time it glitches and I can't even log in or if I log in I can't access any other pages except the one that you land on once you log in. At times clocking in lags and it looks like it freezes but then when you refresh or clock in again it logs both clock in/out times. From the admin perspective approving changes at times gets missed or the changes don't get saved properly. It would be nice if for example adding time or making changes, the time will calculate for you, say adding 4.37 hours to 12:17pm to complete an 8 hour shift.
Overall it has been nice and simple to use. Nice UI for the most part and it allows company wide announcements for updates and so forth. It's a nice place to house tax documents and benefit information.
Marketing Services
50 - 99
Great product that delivers. Not just the tools, but the analytics you need to improve your business.
Design needs some updating, but its not that bad.
Positive. Highly recommended.
Software / IT
50 - 99
Employee benefit enrollment was made simple and the drip reminders about important documents likely saves us a TON.
Their login portals aren't the easiest to find. I'm sure it will get better.
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