Benefits and Insights

Why use SuccessFactors?

Key differentiators & advantages of SuccessFactors

  • Digital Boardroom: The portal pulls data from multiple sources, giving executives in your company a comprehensive view across departments. What-if scenarios, ad hoc analysis and other tools help drive better decisions and inform business strategy. 
  • Skills Gap Solved: With access to continuous learning, employees can gain the skills needed to progress and fill any voids present in your company. This helps you shrink the skills gap and position your organization for future success. 
  • Global Capabilities: The software has features for managing a global workforce. Among the actions you can take are checking eligibility, controlling data in line with GDPR, managing work permits and visas, and complying with local labor laws. With insights thanks to real-time monitoring, your company can make smart decisions. 
  • Exceptional Employee Experience: Employees can enjoy access to real-time data on overtime, accruals and other information. They can also contact the HR department via tickets, phone, email or chat. 
  • Integerated HR: With SuccessFactors, you benefit from a unified platform for core HR processes via the Employee Central solution. The central platform connects with other modules for a streamlined, consistent HR experience. 
  • Mobile App: Take HR on the go with mobile options for several of the suite modules. Specifically, employees can view their information, access training materials, fill out timesheets and request time off. 
  • HR Extensions: The system includes a Time Management app from Kronos that helps handle the complexity of a global workforce. You can drive employee engagement and keep time management transparent. 

Industry Expertise

SuccessFactors serves over 6,700 customers across more than 200 countries. Some specific industries it caters to include software, IT and services, financial services, retail, staffing and recruiting, higher education, construction, healthcare, and management consulting.

Key Features

  • Core HR: Organizations gain a single HRIS for storing and managing employee data. The solution provides tools to engage with the modern workforce — contractors, freelancers and workers around the globe. 
  • Payroll: This feature allows companies to streamline payroll and benefits while staying compliant with local and international regulations. The self-service element gives employees easy access to their information. 
  • Time and Attendance Management: Automate time-consuming tasks such as tracking time and absences, as well as bring efficiency to scheduling. The system also automates time and pay calculations. 
  • Recruiting and Onboarding: Position your organization for success by hiring the right people at the right time. The recruiting solution includes relationship and applicant management tools alongside global sourcing. With the onboarding solution, your company can provide a process for every new hire that’s engaging, personalized and streamlined. 
  • Learning and Development: Organizations can tap into a range of learning tools via the LMS component. The solution also provides succession management and career development components to help organizations prepare for the future. 
  • Performance Compensation: Track employee performance to pick out top talent while providing feedback to help every employee set and achieve goals. Managers can build compensation programs to reward top performers, and budget modeling keeps all your numbers in line. 
  • Workforce Planning: Using this feature, companies can combat talent shortages by strategically preparing for the future. Modeling and analysis features provide insight into financials and scenario-based outcomes. And with headcount planning, HR receives the information necessary to guide hiring plans. 
  • HR Analytics: SuccessFactors helps make sense of your company’s data and keep tabs on critical elements such as performance, turnover, diversity and more. Stay on par with peers with benchmarking capabilities and thoroughly analyze any HR data as broadly or narrowly as needed. Dashboards and reports allow users to explore data to pick out issues and understand trends. 


  • Doesn’t support data synchronization with other systems
  • Complex implementation process that costs 2 to 3 times the cost of the software
  • UI isn’t intuitive and doesn’t fully support the data import feature
  • Doesn’t provide a drag-and-drop interface
  • No light and updated version for mobile available

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Support is available via email and live chat. SAP also has a FAQ section where users can find answers to questions related to passwords, IDs, usernames and other common issues.
phonePhone: U.S. customers can reach SAP support agents by calling (800) 845-0395. To reach any international offices, visit the Contact Us page on the SAP website for a list of phone numbers.
schoolTraining: The SAP Learning Hub offers multiple courses that cover a host of subjects. Training comes in a variety of methods, including public and customer-specific. Self-paced content is available in the admin learning center. In addition, users can find documentation by visiting the help portal, and there’s also a community that provides extra knowledge and support. Other education options for specific situations are available on the SAP website.
local_offerTickets: Designated admins can report incidents, send requests and ask technical questions via the SAP support portal.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • Based on recurring subscription fee model – per user, per year
Maintenance Cost
  • Included in subscription cost
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • NA
    Customization Cost
    • Dependent on functional requirements and specific needs of the organization
    Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
    • Will vary depending on your current software, amount of data to be migrated, the complexity of the data fields, level of automation and data migration tools to be utilized for transfer of data from the old to the new software
    Training Cost
    • Web-based training included in the subscription cost
    • SuccessFactors also offers training on Talent Insights administration at additional costs
    Recurring/Renewal Costs
    • Recurring subscription fees is charged, which typically includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, training, and support to the end-user

    SuccessFactors Reviews

    Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

    752 reviews


    of users would recommend this product

    Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

    Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from user ratings and reviews, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


    • Highly Customizable: 80% of reviewers who mentioned customization noted that the software can be completely customized per an organization’s need.
    • Performance Management: Performance management offers annual reviews and performance comparisons, with 75% of reviewers who mentioned the module being satisfied with its capabilities.
    • Integrated Solution: 95% of reviewers who mentioned SAP modules like the integration it provides, as it can be effortlessly plugged into the SAP ecosystem.
    • Reporting and Analytics: This feature offers deep and accurate information to provide a complete workforce overview, according to 65% of reviewers who mentioned workforce analytics.


    • Confusing UI: Of users who mentioned ease of use, 70% of them state that the interface is not user-friendly and works slowly.
    • High Cost: All reviewers who mentioned cost observed that SuccessFactors has a high subscription price.
    • Complicated Learning: The software requires some serious time training to learn its nuances and programs, as observed by all reviewers who mention usage.

    Researcher's Summary:

    SuccessFactors provides full integration with all HR modules and can connect to other SAP solutions such as finance to materials. Many reviewers noted that the user interface needs to be developed. Steep pricing makes it most suitable for large enterprises and therefore not the best choice for smaller businesses and budgets. However, with extensive customization, integration and analytics, it can be of great use for planning, developing and implementing HR strategies.

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