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Key differentiators & advantages of Sage People

  • Improved Decision Making: The solution drives better decisions with instant visibility into the organization’s overall performance. Comprehensive analytics enable detailed workforce insights, and the system provides corporate, regional and functional scorecards. It spots potential business problems and gives an early warning. It notifies managers of exceptions or conditional circumstances such as high absences and enables them to take appropriate action. 
  • User-Friendly Data Insights: Users of any technical level can rapidly identify trends using charts, tables and other graphics with easy-to-use data visualization tools. 
  • Saved Time:  Users can reduce manual tasks through bulk updates and automated approval workflows that shorten the time to complete workforce-related changes. Companies can modify or redefine processes quickly and control security for access management.  
  • Compliance Guarantee:  Users can rest easy with a platform that supports U.S. compliance and regulatory reporting requirements such as EEO, OSHA, VETS and OFCCP. It also meets IT security standards. Predefined policy rules let users set up global and local compliance requirements and consolidate workforce information in a single global instance for reporting. 
  • Robust Integration Options: Sage People securely integrates with existing systems and third-party applications. Users can connect to other systems via file transfer, programmable interfaces, synchronization, embedding or linking and use single sign-in for everything. ;
  • Seamless Data Flow: The system enables two-way, real-time integration by using open standard web services and API support. This includes sending and receiving data from multiple payroll solutions and benefits carriers. 
  • Effective Communications:  Companies can ensure that employees get all the information, social updates and news necessary to do their job. Users can improve engagement and responses by communicating critical business updates via the workforce experience portal and delivering messages to specific employee groups with information relating to their role. Mobile capability supports sending information straight to employees’ mobile devices, instantly connecting them with team members. 
  • Efficient Recruitment:  Managers can save time and effort with processes that are completely automated, from creating and approving new requisitions to screening and progressing applications. A structured storage system lets them easily search for resumes and report on candidates. 
  • Personalized Dashboards: The system has customized dashboards for different users and functions. Managers can view multiple prebuilt global reports or create, edit and schedule their own reports. They can monitor key metrics and refresh the dashboard to get recent and relevant data.  
  • Seamless Onboarding: Companies can make new hires feel welcome before day one with early access to self-serve, automated forms and regular communications. The system streamlines the hiring process with offer templates, electronic signatures, automated reminders, and personalized resources such as key reading and training. 
  • Time Off Customization: Automated time off reduces time-consuming manual administrative processes of removing costly payroll errors. The system auto-calculates overtime, and absences automatically appear in timesheets which are integrated with payroll. Tools are available to record total time, start and end time, time by pay code and time by work allocation. Policy settings help users meet legislation and absence rules in different countries.  
  • Centralized Database: Companies can reduce data maintenance with employee records stored in one global database. Managers can easily make employee or team changes, find colleagues, see reports and access contact information. 

Industry Expertise

Sage People has over 200 customers and is present in over 140 countries. It has 96% customer renewal rates. The target customers are companies with 200 – 10 000 employees, particularly mid-sized international organizations or growing SMEs that have multi-country requirements. It's suitable for healthcare, education, information technology, banking and insurance, hospitality, online gambling, nonprofit organizations, construction, communications, retail and manufacturing, consultation and services, energy and utilities, software companies and e-commerce.

Key Features

  • Mobile HR: Users can access full HR functions and communications securely on mobile devices. They can send alerts, receive information, book vacations, view payslips and connect with other workers on the go. The app supports individual configurations and localization for different languages. 
  • Global Cloud Service: Sage People is built and hosted on the Salesforce cloud platform. It works without lengthy installations, manual updates or IT support. Users have access to admin screens through centralized or distributed administration. They can configure page layouts, sections and workflows by drag-and-drop functionality instead of coding.  
  • Security and Privacy: Users can prevent data from being intercepted, with all connections protected with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption (version 1.1 or higher). The system allows data replication in real time to a 100% full-scale replica disaster recovery data center. It also provides multi-factor authentication for identity verification to add another layer of protection. It complies with security standards like the GDPR, Privacy Shield and ISO 27001. 
  • Talent Management: This feature helps to align individual objectives with organizational goals. It provides a channel for peer-to-peer recognition, team building and resource planning. It manages attrition by capturing potential, risk and impact of leaving. Tools like the 9 box grid and skills matrices make it easy to evaluate talent pools. Users can conduct comprehensive skill searches across the global workforce to match job roles and bridge skills gaps.  
  • Succession Planning: The ability to view multiple successors and support development plans aids companies in preparing for the future. 
  • Workforce Management: Users can eliminate repetitive, manual processes with workforce information consolidated in a single global instance.They can set up and manage groups of people that don’t usually work together, such as cross-functional or project teams, and manage virtual teams and contingent workers such as freelancers. 
  • Performance Management: Managers can continuously communicate expectations, define duties and help employees accomplish strategic objectives.They can configure performance features to suit processes as well as define questions, participants and visibility based on business strategies. The system enables 360-degree feedback through internal team members as well as external assessors. Development plans and activities can be tied directly to competencies or set independently. 
  • Payroll: Sage People Payflow enables users to easily pass salary and benefits data to one or more payroll systems. Its secure services integrate with finance and accounting systems to automatically pass workforce-related costs to accounts. On-demand reports, dashboards and analytics facilitate tracking payroll, compensation and benefits data. Multilingual and multi-currency capabilities provide an option to conduct transactions in the local language. 
  • Compensation Management: This feature lets users design compensation processes that optimize budgets, improve compliance and reward high-performing employees. Performance metrics support planning and analyzing compensation packages. The system auto-generates compensation letters to local HR teams and managers for planning purposes. Managers can review, modify and approve their team’s compensation plans from one location. They can select from multiple formulas to determine salary rules, choose specific worksheet planners and have a clear view of worksheet progress.  
  • Benefits Administration: Sage People supports multiple third-party benefit providers. Users can manage eligibility rules in open enrollment for benefits, enhance calculations and rate tables to make changes to benefits ahead of changes actually being implemented. Pay and benefits updates are automated via predefined workflows, with corresponding notifications sent to employees to keep them informed. 
  • Attendance and Leave Management: Users can identify, manage and report on paid leave, absences and overtime for the entire global workforce. This feature monitors absence costs and critical trends such as working time lost by year or month, with drag-and-drop reporting functionality. Full visibility of all attendance and leave is available through integrated metrics, reporting and dashboards. 
  • Time Tracking: Users can track time and manage policies from a single, automated system of record and be prepared for audits to meet compliance requirements. 
  • Employee Portal:  This feature simplifies HR service by letting employees maintain personal data, schedule PTO and track absences. Automatic notifications let employees know when their requests are approved or not, and their remaining balances are updated in real-time. Documents such as sick certificates or medical assessments can be uploaded to team member records for auditing purposes.  


User feedback indicates the following limitations of Sage People, as of the time of this review:

  •  Pricing is higher than similar solutions. 
  •  Extensive configuration makes it challenging to utilize all the functionality. 
  •  It requires extensive customization, especially for salary. 

Sage People Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: No support email is listed.
phonePhone: For customer support, users can contact the following numbers based on their region: U.S: +1-877-286-7944. U.K. +44 (0)118 321 5430 Germany: +49 (0)69 50007-2025 Australia: +61 2 9884 4000
schoolTraining: Sage people offers comprehensive public and customer-specific training programs through virtual and on-site courses. FAQs, webinars, videos and manuals are provided on the website so that users can find answers to their questions.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit their queries through the form available on the website.

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