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Key differentiators & advantages of Rippling

  • Powerful Reporting:  HR can visualize employee turnover, IT can track app usage and the finance department can see compensation trends so that they can make key decisions beneficial for the organization. It lets users run powerful prebuilt reports like compensation and payroll journal reports, or create custom reports and graphs using any employee attribute. 
  • Automatic Tax Filing:  The system reduces administrative hassle by automatically calculating payroll taxes and then filing them with the right federal, state and local agencies. It includes W2s, W4s, 1099s and new hire filing and brings peace of mind through automation of all compliance-related work.  
  • Go Paperless: With Rippling’s document management, users can digitally send, sign and store every document such as offer letters, an employee handbook and severance agreements. 
  • Seamless Integration: Rippling integrates with more than 500 apps. Users can set up new hires in Slack, issue corporate cards with Brex, control employees’ door access with Proxy and automate every manual task with the Rippling App Shop. 
  • Unified Employee Database: The system automatically keeps employee data up-to-date across all modules, providing accuracy and eliminating manual entry. 
  • Robust Data Protection: Companies can stop malware and viruses by installing Cylance on devices for real-time, AI-powered threat detection.  

Industry Expertise

Rippling is suitable for any industry and has served companies in spaces such as IT, insurance, automotive, food and beverages, entertainment and retail.

Key Features

  • Onboarding and Offboarding: Users can onboard employees across every department with a single click. In just 90 seconds, it sets up new hires payroll, benefits, devices, apps and more. When employees are offboarded, the system automatically disables departing employees’ devices. 
  • Payroll: Users need not worry about deductions, paid time off or promotions — the payroll feature is synced with all employee data and HR systems. New hires are set up in payroll and pro-rated automatically. Tools like payrun comparison allow users to compare the current pay run against a previous one, so they can see how variables like promotions and PTO affect employee pay stubs. The module also supports global payments to employees and contractors 
  • Benefits Administration: The system streamlines all a company’s benefits offerings in one place, from healthcare to 401(k)s. Users can choose from preexisting benefits or shop for new benefits, receiving recommendations on the best options. They can also talk with a licensed Rippling advisor or invite their own broker. New hires are automatically invited to review benefit plans and enroll online. 
  • Workflow Management: Managers can define the chain of approval and make changes, like giving someone a raise, without giving up control. The system automates these changes and workflow approvals. 
  • Time Tracking:  Managers can set a PTO policy that meets the requirement of the team. They can then review and approve vacation requests with a click. Logged hours and paid time off are synced with payroll. 
  • ACA and Cobra Administration: The system ensures compliance by automatically delivering ACA notices, and it collects and submits employees’ COBRA payments. It also offers FSA, HSA and commuter benefits on one, pre-tax debit card. 
  • IT and Operations Management: Users can automatically buy, configure, secure and manage company devices — both Apple and Android — with an IT system connected to a single employee record. Administrators gain total visibility into every device across the company. They can remotely track employees’ security status and app usage, make changes, and re-assign devices to new employees. They can also install apps on work computers according to attributes like role and location. 
  • Security:  The solution facilitates setting up, managing or disabling all apps and controlling employee access with SSO. Managers can disable computers during offboarding, encrypt employees’ hard drives, enable multi-factor authentication, push OS and security updates, and lock and wipe lost or stolen devices.  


User feedback indicates the following limitations of Rippling, as of the time of this review:

  •  The native mobile app does not support benefits. 
  •  Only administrators have access to the payroll calendar. 
  •  Navigation is not smooth — users have to return to the home screen to move between areas of the platform. 
  •  It lacks built-in clock-in/clock-out functionality and therefore doesn't offer the ability to record employee hours. 

Rippling Suite Support

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schoolTraining: Customers can browse topics in which they require training from the help center on the website. It also has FAQs to answer questions.
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