Benefits and Insights

Why use PerformYard?

Key differentiators & advantages of PerformYard

  • Ease of Use: PerformYard offers simple navigation with its small handful of basic but flexible features. It can be used for a range of requirements, from stand-alone annual reviews to a complex performance management strategy. The straight-forward, flexible system is reassuring in that it can work for all of the different roles at your organization.  
  • Create Your Process: PerformYard is designed to allow users to execute their unique performance management vision. The system works for your requirements — for example, reviews, goals and feedback all come with a variety of templates to choose from. This positions users to create their personal best performance management process.  
  • Save Time: The system streamlines and automates performance management processes to save you time. 
  • Identify Bottlenecks: You can spot bottlenecks in your organization’s processes with the custom control center, a performance review dashboard and visual reports. For example, the dashboard can show you who has and hasn’t completed their performance reviews in real-time. This proactive approach aims to stop problems before or just as they begin.  
  • Data-Driven Decisions:  Reporting helps you make well informed, data-driven decisions by simply taking a look at the charts and graphs the system generates for you. You’re able to quickly pinpoint the information you need and feel confident about your choices, as there’s data to back them up.  

Industry Expertise

PerformYard is used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, consulting, information technology and accounting.

Key Features

  • Performance Reviews:  PerformYard allows users to customize performance reviews with a variety of question types to choose from. You can set a cadence for review cycles and enable email reminders. A live progress dashboard provides an overview so you’re able to track review progress and check on participation levels. Performance reviews may incorporate 360s, input from people across the organization, as well as external input.  
  • Goal Management: The goal management feature has a visual goal cascade; it breaks down goals based on their owner, expectation, timeline and contributions. These classifications are intended to help with assigning responsibilities and breaking the goal into separate, actionable steps. Individual goals have their own repository for updates, feedback and collaboration. You can link goals to reviews. 
  • Continuous Feedback: Provide recognition for employees on the activity stream and provide 1:1 feedback that can be shared with employees’ managers and follows them throughout their time at your organization. You can inform managers about employee performance with a full track record of their team that can be filtered by date, contributor and type. You can write private performance notes. 
  • Reporting: The system automatically generates reports and visualizations for goals and review data. Reporting also includes review cycle dashboards, a stacked bar chart, performance values nine-box grid, segmented reports, performance trends and custom form reports.  
  • General HR: The system comes with a couple of general HR features such as onboarding workflows, document storage, company directory, enterprise security, activity logs and employee data. 
  • Automation: PerformYard leverages automation with email reminders, single sign-on implementation, E-Signature capabilities and more. All employee data is automatically collected, encrypted and stored within the system. Managers can distribute reviews with one click as well as export them to PDF.  
  • Integrations:  PerformYard integrates with ADP, BambooHR, Slack, G Suite, Office 365, Okta and OneLogin. These integrations provide synchronicity of business processes and prevent the need to log into several applications every morning.  

PerformYard Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected]
phonePhone: Call 888-745-0761 for phone support.
schoolTraining: All training information can be found at, which includes a knowledge base and some video tutorials.
local_offerTickets: You must log in to your PerformYard account to submit a ticket.
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