Benefits and Insights

Why use Performance Culture?

Key differentiators & advantages of Performance Culture

Performance Culture uses the Performance-Values Matrix to help you unlock the full potential of your team. The software includes Performance Reviews, Check-Ins, Coaching Templates, Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback and a Learning Management System.

Awesome Performance Reviews - Performance Culture’s approach will help you build a coaching culture throughout your organization with Focus, Accountability and Team Chemistry. Managers use the Performance-Values Matrix to coach team members on performance objectives as well as behaviors that support your Core Values.

Check-ins - Check-ins help managers and employees stay aligned and focused on priorities. Check-Ins provide a quick and easy way to communicate progress, issues and concerns.

Company Goals - Use the Performance Culture System to focus your team with goals and a shared purpose. The performance management software includes awesome business templates to define your Mission, Vision, Goals and Core Values.

Track Action Plans - Improve your meetings with the Performance Culture Leadership Planning Agendas. Achieve your team’s goals by prioritizing activities and tracking action plans.

Workplace Satisfaction - See how engaged your team members are and compare workplace satisfaction ratings with the Performance-Values Matrix. Employee engagement surveys provide valuable insight and help you build and maintain a great company culture.

360 Degree Feedback - Employees can recognize their peers for outstanding work. Managers and employees can request feedback from other employees as well as clients!

Self Assessments - Employees can easily complete self assessments and track progress throughout each evaluation period. Self assessments help managers understand how their team members view their own performance.

Learn - Get the most out of your training and development. Assign learning topics to employees and track progress. Use Learn to quickly on-board new employees plus access Performance Culture coaching and software training videos.

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