Benefits and Insights

Why use PeopleStrategy?

Key differentiators & advantages of PeopleStrategy

  • Accurate Payroll: PeopleStrategy provides a dashboard for viewing the details of each payroll, along with a processing wizard so you can create, review and finalize payroll. A geocoding feature automatically recommends tax enrollments when an employee’s location changes. The module also has an interactive tool called the Pay Grid, which lets you view key details about gross pay at the employee level, handle errors and add/edit transactions. 
  • Simplified Benefits Administration: The solution lets you set up plans and determine coverage and eligibility rules. It simplifies enrollment for employees by only showing plans they’re eligible for and supporting educational documents with plan information that employees can read to better understand their options. It can also automatically notify employees of enrollment dates or changes to benefit plans, route benefit info to carriers and handle life event changes. 
  • Streamlined HR Management: The core HR module offers automated onboarding, performance management and comp planning with salary benchmarking data through its partnership with Payfactors. Employees and managers have 24/7, self-service access to their personal, benefits and employment data. Additionally, you can configure workflows to automate approvals and notifications for common processes, as well as track employee data like training, licenses and certifications. 
  • Automated Time and Attendance: PeopleStrategy allows you to enter and track time via multiple methods, including online clock in/out, timesheets and physical time clocks with biometric capabilities. With geofencing, you can set limits on where employees punch in and out. This module also has a calendar to view department staffing so you can manage requests for time off with full context and visibility. 
  • Industry Compliance: The platform captures the data necessary to remain in compliance with federal regulations for EEO, ACA, FLSA, ADA and FMLA reporting. It also lets you generate whatever documents you may need to file for compliance purposes. PeopleStrategy also offers integrated compliance support through its partnership with ThinkHR. 
  • Seamless Mobile Experience: As a SaaS solution, PeopleStrategy is available from any device, including tablets and smartphones. The platform’s design ensures a consistent experience no matter what size screen you use. 
  • Employee Benefits Consulting: As a full-service insurance broker, PeopleStrategy offers benefits consulting to help your company navigate employee benefits. It includes assessments of your benefits program, competitive analysis, carrier negotiation, a dedicated account manager, a strategic plan and more. 

Industry Expertise

PeopleStrategy can be used across any industry and is best suited for companies with 50-300 employees.

Key Features

  • Single System of Record: PeopleStrategy is built as a unified platform. All data is stored in one central location, so it’s easily accessible and any changes made automatically reflect across the system. This reduces errors caused by needing to enter the same set of data more than once. It also provides a searchable directory of employees. 
  • Performance Evaluation: The performance module lets you trade paper reviews for digital tools. Employees can go through a self-review and rate their performance. Then managers can include their own rating and compare the two side by side. It also supports e-signature for completed reviews, configuration of performance criteria and automatic notifications for tasks. 
  • Communication Portal: You can share important company news and announcements with this feature. For example, posting educational materials and links to benefits plan information to help employees select the right coverage. 
  • Career Site: PeopleStrategy allows organizations to create configurable, branded career sites for external and internal use. You can view applicant documents, sort candidates, schedule interviews and more. The career sites come with single sign?on capability. 
  • Job Posts: With this feature, you can create job requisitions and descriptions, which can then be posted to hundreds of job sites in a single click using Job Target. 
  • Background Checks: Through a partnership with InquireHire, PeopleStrategy offers integrated background screening as part of the talent acquisition module. You can check criminal history, conduct drug tests, verify education and certifications, and screen candidates for tax credits among other things. 
  • Managed Services: PeopleStrategy offers access to experts who can help minimize risk of non-compliance. Their range of support covers benefits administration support and compliance services, including COBRA administration, EEO reporting and more. 
  • Security: PeopleStrategy exercises security in several ways. As a hosted application, it’s delivered from two different data centers that have strong security measures in place. It’s also SSAE-16 certified. 

PeopleStrategy Suite Support

PeopleStrategy offers clients an online Help Desk, where users can find documentation on payroll, benefits, recruiting, time and labor, performance, general HR, analytics, company configuration and password policy. It also has a list of release notes and a forms library with documents for EFT authorization agreement, IRS change of address, FedACH processing schedule and more.

Additionally, PeopleStrategy provides in-product support, with video tutorials that help walk administrators and managers through commonly performed tasks.

mail_outlineEmail: While clients can contact support via email, users are encouraged to contact the support team through the online Help Desk, as all tickets are logged and tracked through the portal.
phonePhone: Authorized users of the platform can call (855) 488-4100 to submit a support request.
schoolTraining: PeopleStrategy provides training in a "train-the-trainer" format. System administrators are thoroughly trained during implementation and provided user guides. Administrators then train the end users of the system.
local_offerTickets: System administrators and authorized users have access to an online Help Desk through which they can can submit a ticket for technical support. Tickets are prioritized based on the level of urgency. Administrators can also submit, view and follow comments on requests from within their account.

A note from PeopleStrategy

PeopleStrategy levels the playing field for SMBs competing for the same talent as larger organizations. We offer more than HR software; we provide the products and services your employees expect to handle admin tasks quickly so they can focus on their core responsibilities. Our solutions help you make a positive first impression with top candidates and then build upon that experience – from new hire to retire. PeopleStrategy eliminates the need for multiple systems, providing a single solution for recruiting, onboarding, payroll, benefits admin, PTO, electronic employee records, compensation planning, performance management, and reporting. PeopleStrategy also offers the option to leverage our expertise as a full-service brokerage. Clients who use PeopleStrategy as both their software provider and their benefits broker realize greater ROI via reduced technology costs, streamlined vendor management and greater efficiency. Throughout the process, we strive to learn about your business and specific needs to present the best solution to solve your biggest pain points. Give PeopleStrategy a chance to help you focus on what you need to achieve your objectives.

- Lesley Lyons, Director of Marketing