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  • COMPLIANCE - PeopleGuru offers all the necessary tools to stay compliant so you can focus on your people.
  • ONE HCM PLATFORM - PeopleGuru HCM is a single database, single code base platform in the Cloud. From recruitment to retirement, the user experience is consistent throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle. A single HCM platform results in data integrity, efficiency, superior performance, and workforce adoption.
  • MEASURED OUTCOMES - Great technology doesn’t always deliver great outcomes. PeopleGuru will work with you to define and measure your desired business outcomes that ultimately will ensure an optimum ROI.
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - PeopleGuru HCM includes a modern day social interaction tool for real-time employee recognition, badging, and polling designed to improve employee engagement and improve corporate culture.
  • HR INSIGHTS - From predicting turnover to future leadership, PeopleGuru Analytics will enable your organization to outperform your competition. Our HR Guru clients have unprecedented access to data helping them shape the future of their business.

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