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Why use PeopleGuru?

Key differentiators & advantages of PeopleGuru

  • Drives Productivity: Managers are actively involved in salary reviews and engaged with their people, which ultimately results in higher retention rates, happier employees and an overall increase in productivity. The ability to recognize and reward employees for a job well done boosts their confidence as well.  
  • Improves Decision Making: Users can view turnover trends, perform overtime analysis or predict future talents with PeopleGuru reporting. The solution provides over 400 standard reports, configurable dashboards and ad-hoc reporting for accurate information 
  • Saves Time:  Organizations can eliminate the time and hassle of gathering and manually calculating data on outdated timesheets with the PeopleGuru web clock. An at-a-glance view provides managers with a quick overview of employee reviews, statuses and ratings. They can drill down deeper into the details of each employee and instantly leave comments and ratings, or take any other necessary actions. 
  • Ensures Compliance:  Companies can ensure that each employee is in compliance with the rules and regulations surrounding the ACA. The system quickly retrieves, manages and obtains data for every employee. It simplifies the entire process from testing to reporting to year-end filing. 
  • Go 100% Paperless: Eligibility management and online open enrollment enables a 100% paperless experience. PeopleGuru offers carrier connections for ads and deletes along with carrier reconciliation tools. Users can compare and contrast their plan options via the web or mobile app. 
  • Centralizes Data:  Manage the entire workforce with client-defined, configurable workflows, notifications, and comprehensive self-service functionality,. PeopleGuru is not composed of multiple integrated modules- instead it is a single application for complete employee life cycle management. 
  • Provides Flexibility and Agility: With a focus on technology development, the solution is easily adapted to compliance changes or unique client requirements. It can deliver enterprise-level functionality not typically found in the mid-market at very competitive price points. 

Industry Expertise

PeopleGuru is designed to meet the business requirements of mid-market organizations across all industries. It's particularly suitable for healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, professional services, retail and senior care industries.

Key Features

  • Payroll: This feature handles complex tax and corporate structures with gross to net pre- and post-payroll processing. It ensures employees get paid accurately and on time. Capabilities include configurable time entry screens, manual checks, full-service tax filing, payroll alerts and notifications, labor distribution, shift pay, overtime calculation, and integrated time and labor software. 
  • Payroll Reports: The Payroll Wizard guides users step-by-step through pay entry and payroll processing. Accurate calculations ensure the organization is always in compliance with state and federal laws. Users can review all payroll information to double-check for errors. It provides over 60 standard payroll reports with point and time reporting. 
  • Benefits Management:  The single database solution for Payroll, HR and Benefits ensures that data is 100% accurate. Employees can view their benefit plan options and cost by pay period, month or annual spending to determine which plan best fits their financial and healthcare needs. They can also view, email and print their health plan ID cards. 
  • Time Management: PeopleGuru Time is designed to handle complex timekeeping, capturing time via web clocks, native mobile apps, biometrics or badge readers. The system helps to control labor costs, avoid costly overtime, ensure the organization is never understaffed, create employee schedules and manage employees by location via geo-clock capabilities. 
  • Salary Management: Users can conduct salary review events, establish budgets, and ensure that an organization is recognizing and rewarding top talent. The system offers performance ratings, comp ratios, and comparison of employee salaries to peers by job, location and position. It maintains consistent salary workflows and keeps a record of all salary history details.  
  • Talent Acquisition:  This feature helps to attract top talent and make a lasting first impression with configurable application processes and workflows. Users can pre-screen candidates, create job requisitions, post to job boards, track each phase, view results of screenings, schedule interviews, and embed questionnaires and videos.  
  • Self-Service Portal:  Self-Service improves employee engagement, encourages collaboration and drives overall efficiency for both managers and employees. Users can access their personal information, including W-2s, W-4s and pay stubs. They can also manage benefit plans and open enrollment and view time off requests, time off approvals, daily feeds and personal action forms. 
  • Performance Management: The system supports employee recognition and productivity with tools to conduct performance reviews, talent assessments and peer reviews. Reviewing managers can use dropdowns and select specific employees to generate customized reviews. They can provide real-time feedback, do succession planning and track employee engagement.  
  • Onboarding:  Employees can complete their administrative tasks online before their start date to ensure a productive and engaging first day. They can download forms, receive resident state tax information and electronically sign documents. 
  • Employee Engagement:  A social communication platform helps employees be more engaged. Managers can engage employees through polls, company updates, awards and recognition, calendars, timelines, and direct messaging. 
  • Account Management Services: The Account Management service team takes care of client partners post-implementation. They assign a service guru for general help desk, and a transaction support and strategic guru for strategic initiatives that ensure clients achieve their desired business outcomes. Subject matter gurus help with analytics, complex workflows, tax and treasury, and third-party integrations. 
  • Mobile Application: The mobile app supports all platform features. Designed for a virtual workforce, it allows users to review and approve time cards, clock in and out, request PTO, track job costing and view hours. 

PeopleGuru Suite Support

Besides the support options below, PeopleGuru offers HR services for ACA, tax and compliance, implementation and account management.

mail_outlineEmail: Support via email isn't available.
phonePhone: No support phone number is specified.
schoolTraining:Customers can receive training through resources available on the website, such as ebooks, videos and webinars.
local_offerTickets: Customers can request support through the client helpdesk on the website.
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