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Why use PDS Vista?

Key differentiators & advantages of PDS Vista

  • Track KPIs: The analytics module provides access to over 100 pre-built tools that let you visualize data. It includes a variety of charts and graphs, such as scatter, line, column and pie to help you glean insights. You can drill into data for further analysis and export data to a spreadsheet in a single click. 
  • Comply With ACA Regulations: Vista enables your company to fulfill employer shared responsibilities related to ACA. Features include tracking for the 30-hour mandate and management of healthcare plans in line with ACA requirements. Automatic scheduling and calculation are used to determine employee eligibility. You can generate and deliver critical documents such as 1095-Cs. 
  • Develop Reports: The EasyAsk query tool enables you to pull questions from a drop-down list to call any type of data you need. You can also create a public or private list of predefined questions. A dictionary lets you choose which fields to include, and the tool supports synonyms (e.g., department or division). Available report formats are Excel, HTML and Word. 
  • Reduce Manual Work: A workflow engine is incorporated into the software, enabling you to automate actions related to approval processes. This streamlines common employee transactions, such as granting time off. The system supports multi-step processes by allowing you to define conditions that require additional actions. You can apply filters on specific data and maintain transaction history for auditing purposes. 
  • Take Vista Anywhere: The Vista mobile app for smartphones allows users to access and edit information without being at their desk. Employees can view paycheck details, request time off and update data. Manager capabilities include finding employee contact info and approving requests for workflow items like job openings, vacation requests and raises. 
  • Meet Compliance Regulations: A range of reporting features help your company stay compliant with U.S. and Canadian laws. This includes OSHA, EEO, HIPAA, FMLA, IRCA, ADA, Vets-4212, AERS and ROE. 
  • Support a Connected Business: Vista is equipped for data integration with other business systems. Using SQL, you can configure data extracts so Vista can effectively interface with whatever systems you need it to. A variety of tools give you control over the data, including setting the connection to process automatically. 
  • Maintain a Secure Environment: Security templates enable system administrators to control the type of information users can see, based on their authorization and roles. 

Industry Expertise

Vista is suitable for businesses across different industries, including professional services, finance, healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, utilities and government.

Key Features

  • Human Resources: Functionality ranges from onboarding and learning management tools to workplace safety and performance management. The module also has employee engagement, career planning and risk management. The Point-in-Time builder enables you to create a historical data snapshot at any given point. 
  • Benefits Administration: This feature supports the various procedures and policies surrounding benefits administration. With it, you can offer a host of plans and coverage levels to your workforce. The software takes payroll deductions and premiums into account to automatically determine eligibility. 
  • Payroll: Vista helps you complete all payroll activities via tools such as time collection, tax maintenance service, auto-pay, reporting for the U.S. and Canada, and a general ledger. Additional features include retroactive pay, historical tracking, electronic documents and checks, and more. Dashboards let you track and take action on data. 
  • Time and Attendance: Basic capabilities include time entry, reporting, payroll integration, attendance tracking and multiple time collection methods. You can gain advanced features with the cloud-based Vista Time tool. In addition to the main features, it offers geofencing and geolocation, a drag-and-drop schedule, message alerts, dashboards for employees and managers, and accrued time forecasting. 
  • Self-Service Portal: Vista offers a portal where employees can access a company directory, calendar events and company news. Employees and managers have the information required to request, review and approve things like vacation or time entry. Employees can also manage their career goals and apply for internal job openings. And a self-service tool guides them through benefits election and enrollment. 
  • Career Portal: With Vista, you can create a branded career portal for your organization. Features include filters, categories for ranking applicants, automation, requisition tools and more. The job center facilitates the entire application process for candidates, and a mobile interface allows them to complete applications via their phone. The portal also supports multiple languages for enhanced self-service. 

Vista Suite Support

The support offered by PDS includes a user group membership, technical videos, multiple demos a year, support tracking and access to support staff. PDS also provides tax compliance updates, which users can easily download. Professional services are available as well and encompass implementation, ACA filing and wellness programs, W-2 printing, and more.

mail_outlineEmail: No support email is listed.
phonePhone: All support calls are toll-free. Availability is 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m - 5 p.m. EST on Fridays. PDS also offers emergency support 24/7.
schoolTraining: PDS training sessions, which run in length from half a day to four days depending on the course, use live software so trainees can practice real-world scenarios. Topics cover core HR, analytics, recruiting, payroll processing, benefits and leave accrual, technical administration, Crystal Reports, and Vista EasyAsk.

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What I like best about Vista is the ease of deployment and use, their outstanding functional and technical consulting expertise, customizable/icon-driven self-service pages, manager dashboard and analytics, and the security features.

Vista offers ease of use. We have several companies of various complexities, the system can process all companies in one pay run. The functionality of processing our T4s makes my year-end less stressful.

Overall, Vista is an awesome program. PDS is staying up with the competition and we are very pleased with their service - they go above and beyond.

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