Benefits and Insights

Why use PayServ?

Key differentiators & advantages of PayServ

  • Powerful Analytics: Payserv helps users gain actionable insights through Workforcethrive’s partnership with Better analytics and reports mean more educated decision making for stakeholders and managers. 
  • Increase Security: Dealing with sensitive payment information requires powerful security to safeguard critical data. Payserv leverages robust firewalls, password protection and encryption features to keep personal information secure. 
  • Redundancy and Backup Support: Payserv’s Workforcethrive solution ensures the security of client data with backup generators to combat power outages, and redundancy processes to guarantee that there is always a copy of critical business information. They also store client data in multiple locations to head off any issues from their main locations losing stability. 
  • Boost Overall Efficiency: Automation features can help free up team members for more important tasks. Cutting out redundant data entry can also cut down on costly human errors. Users can take the pain out of creating schedules with tools that automatically create schedules based on employee location, skill level and availability. 
  • Improve Employee Retention: Payserv’s Workforcethrive system helps users measure, reward and train employees based on their performance. Report features let managers discover trainable processes and continually improve their employees for the entirety of their careers. 
  • Implementation Support: Using Payserv’s dedicated teams and trademarked Momentum process, users can expect the entire suite to be up and running in as little as 10 to 12 weeks. 

Industry Expertise

Payserv supports numerous industries with its Workforcethrive end-to-end HCM solution. For every dollar spent on implementing the system, Payserv’s solution returns about $9.13 on average. It handles critical HR processes like human capital management, payroll and more for large and medium-sized enterprises.

Key Features

  • Human Capital Management: Payserv’s Workforcethrive system covers the HR process spectrum from recruiting and onboarding to payroll processing and performance management. The system’s robust library of HCM features give managers and employees alike a streamlined and optimized user experience. 
  • ACA Support and Compliance: HR teams can leverage the included ACA Manager to ensure that they are always within compliance guidelines for all their employees. Giving employees an easy path to their benefits makes for happier teams and less time wasted getting them hooked up with their necessary coverage. 
  • Time Management: This system gives users everything they need to manage all of their time management processes. It includes self-service portals, attendance and exception tracking, customizable reports, automated scheduling tools and more. 
  • Payroll Features: Workforcethrive takes the tedium and complexity out of payroll processes and lets employees set payment preferences that meet their needs. It also gives users visibility into their compensation statements. Managers can leverage real-time payment information to keep their records accurate, organized and much more. 
  • Custom Reporting: Paserv gives users over 60 out-of-the-box reports that users can easily design and share with other team members. It also contains popular report inclusions like payroll registers, recaps and general ledgers. 
  • Add-On Marketplace: Want to expand the functionality of the system? Payserv gives users access to an extensive library of additions that can help keep businesses compliant and expand their system to accommodate for growth. 
  • Mobile App: Payserv’s Workforcethrive solution gives employees and managers mobile tools to access the system on-the-go. The mobile platform is designed to be accessible with robust features that give mobile users the full platform experience. 

Workforcethrive Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email Payserv about Workforcethrive at [email protected] Additional email support options are gated behind a login.
phonePhone: Advanced support numbers are gated behind a customer login, but interested parties can call (877) 804 3286 to ask questions about the product.
schoolTraining: Payserv trains employees alongside the implementation of their Workforcethrive system. Users can also access their Resources page through their website for videos, webinars, blogs, whitepapers and more.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket for a demo on the main Workforcethrive landing page. Other ticketing options are hidden behind a customer login.
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