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Why use Paycor Recruiting?

Key differentiators & advantages of Paycor Recruiting

  • Strengthen Your Brand: Users can ensure that their applicants are seeing a presentable and informative environment when job hunting. With Paycor Recruiting, users can easily create branded material that matches their business without looping in help from IT.  
  • Hire Quality: Paycor Recruiting gives users the tools necessary to pick the best candidates for positions they are suited for. Users can quickly leverage one-click job postings to numerous free job hunting sites. 
  • Faster Recruiting: Don’t keep hiring managers chained to their desks with mobile accessibility via smartphone and laptop. Paycor Recruiting is designed to be as responsive as possible to keep your hiring processes flowing. 
  • Helpful Analytics: Paycor Recruiting helps hiring teams make productive decisions with helpful metrics and insightful information. Users can measure important processes like time-to-hire and how impactful lead sources are. 
  • Automate for Efficiency: Save your employees for the important tasks by automating tedious and time-intensive processes like offer letter creation and distribution 

Industry Expertise

Paycor’s products serve a variety of industries, but Paycor Recruiting focuses specifically on the needs of hiring teams. Their products support over 30,000 small to medium-sized businesses with a range of HRIS processes.

Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking: Paycor Recruiting’s ATS optimizes all critical recruiting processes to ensure accurate and efficient recruiting. It provides up-to-date information on all candidates so that users never pass up on the right candidate for a key position. 
  • Customizable Job Applications: Making application submissions easy is key to giving your interested candidates the right information. Paycor Recruiting provides applications in English and Spanish, along with out-of-the-box compliance tools.
  • Referrals and Communication: Paycor Recruiting helps users reward their employees for referring applicants. It includes a simple tool for team members to quickly share job opportunities via personal and social networks.
  • Compliance Reports: The system keeps businesses compliant with OFCCP and EEO regulations and automates keeping track of rejected applicants, hiring offers and flow logs.
  • Recruitment Dashboards: The system’s pre-built dashboards include all of the vital overview pages hiring managers need. Teams can gain accessible visibility into their upcoming tasks and how applicants are flowing through the hiring process. 
  • Background Checks: Paycor Recruiting moves all private hiring information away from the business to a team of experts. All background check results are locked behind a password for extra security, and applicants can view their information through a secure login. 
  • Hiring Reports: The system automatically fixes and maintains proper formatting for all reports so that decision makers get the most up-to-date and accurate information on candidates. 

Paycor Recruiting Suite Support

Paycor customers can call a support number for help, employees of companies using Paycor products need to contact them through their HR or payroll advocates:

mail_outlineEmail: Support email information is not listed on Paycor’s site.
phonePhone: Customers can call (855) 565-3285 for answers to common questions and support. Companies using Paycor products should reach out via HR or payroll members.
schoolTraining: Interested parties can view webinars, videos, whitepapers, guides and a full Resource Center to help on how to use and improve proficiency with their products.
local_offerTickets: Ticket submission information is not available.

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