Benefits and Insights

Why use Pacific Timecard?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pacific Timecard

  • Digital Tools: Pacific Timecard removes the need for paper timesheets, signoffs, signatures, end of day forms and surveys. You can edit form fields and create custom forms for different needs — expense reports, clock-in and more. The notes function includes voice activation and hands free capability. The system also supports digital signature approval, and it includes photo capture with time and location. 
  • Improved Operations: Using the application will help your company comply with labor laws, gain deeper insight into overtime and job costing, and cut down on false mileage reimbursements. It also allows you to create teams that require different pay rates or that work on different jobs. And it lets you accurately record mileage and corresponding expenses. 
  • Break Management: The system can send workers notifications to take breaks for meals and other situations. It also provides alerts if employees don’t comply with the specified break period. 
  • GPS Capabilities: You can gain a comprehensive view of employee movements via breadcrumb trails and geofencing. You can configure the settings to specific workers or an entire team, and look up jobs or accounts inside a set radius. 
  • Alerts: Over 20 types of alerts enable you to stay informed about your workforce. Speed triggers, idle time, short meal and early clock-in are among the notifications offered. 
  • Google Enterprise Mapping: Pacific Timecard gives your workforce access to step-by-step instructions from Google. Employees can toggle between standard, street and satellite views on Google Maps. 
  • Offline Support: Users won’t lose the data already collected if they take Pacific Timecard outside of network coverage. The app will automatically send the timesheet information back or store it on the device until workers regain coverage, at which time it will transfer back for timesheet processing. 
  • Free Enhancements: You receive access to every new release upgrade at no additional annual cost. 

Industry Expertise

Pacific Timecard is suitable for any organization that employs a mobile workforce. This can include companies in construction, landscaping, distribution, services, HVAC, security, home healthcare, government and other fields.

Key Features

  • Payroll Integration: The app send timesheet information directly to payroll via a seamless integration. This cuts down on the time needed to process payroll, reduces errors in time calculations and ensures accurate pay. 
  • Mobile App: Pacific Timecard is deployed in the cloud and includes mobile apps for iOS and Android, along with standard cell phones and Blackberry OS10. This gives workers and managers flexible access from anywhere. 
  • Reports: The software includes more than 30 reports for different time periods, such as daily or weekly, which can be exported. Custom reports include CSV, HTML and PDF formats. You can schedule reports to be delivered to teams or individuals. 
  • Clock In: Multiple team members can clock in from one device. The solution can support teams of up to 20 workers. 
  • Admin Controls: Pacific Timecard is equipped with various access levels for viewing and editing information. It also enables digital approval of sick days, timesheets and leaves. You can set user rights for editing time and viewing maps based on team, location or other factors. 
  • Timesheet Generation: The solution uploads a list of tasks, projects or customers for employees to select and generate timesheets. 

Pacific Timecard Suite Support

American Time and Labor Company’s mobility department provides dedicated support and setup for Pacific Timecard. Hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

mail_outlineEmail: Customers can email [email protected] to receive support.
phonePhone: Live phone support is available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Users can call (800) 456-6196.
schoolTraining: American Time and Labor Company provides quick-start guides and other training materials. Users also have the option to obtain ongoing training.

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A note from American Time and Labor Company

American Time and Labor Company is a provider of integrated human capital management (HCM) solutions for payroll and HR for small to medium-sized businesses in the US. The Company offers services, including payroll processing, WC insurance, HR services, benefits, tax management, time & attendance and GPS time tracking solutions. The vendor provides an integrated suite to manage operations and labor while allowing employers to run processes efficiently and in line with wage-hour laws.

Our Pacific Timecard Application provides seamless integration from employee punch to payroll. Not only does it document all workers' meal periods & rest breaks, but provides greater cost savings than our competitors. We reduce time-theft and company expenses while providing real-time employee reports and GPS locations. Immediately receive improved cash-flow management savings with Pacific Timecard.

- Anna Savini, PHR

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