Benefits and Insights

Why use OrgChart?

Key differentiators & advantages of OrgChart

  • Free Trial: Use free for 14 days to help decide how well the solution meets requirements. 
  • Secure Planning and Communication: Securely create plans and communicate them effectively to an audience. 
  • Save Time: Drag-and-drop tools for org chart creation and management help save time by enabling managers to graphically restructure charts in real time. 
  • Leverage Data: Make informed decisions with data insights derived from organizational charts. 
  • Model Multiple Scenarios: Model and compare multiple scenarios to refine and explore all possibilities, as well as identify potential threats and opportunities arising from each scenario. 
  • Bring Structure: Segregate and organize information using multiple org chart templates. 

Industry Expertise

OrgChart serves businesses of all sizes in every industry.

Key Features

  • Data Import: Create org charts using SQL and Excel databases, and integrate with HR solutions such as SAP and PeopleHR. 
  • Automatic Formatting and Updates: Data-driven automatic formatting, templates and updates help create reports, add and remove employees from charts, and update reports without much manual intervention. 
  • Workforce Analytics: Add several HR metrics to charts, including budget roll-ups and head counts to aid informed business decisions. 
  • Workforce Planning: Create project teams, reorganize, reduce workforce size, merge and recruit as needed. Functionalities include integrated HR metrics, drag-and-drop tools, and scenario modeling and planning. 
  • Talent Visualization: Facilitate secure organization planning. Data points and precise metrics enhance presentations while conditional formatting grants greater control over visualization options. 
  • Re-orgs and Mergers: Prioritize and chalk out plans for re-organizations and mergers with easy and effective visualization of workforce structures. 
  • Succession Planning: Get effective, quick and easy succession planning and hiring with diagnostic organizational charts to manage and view filled, vacant, expected to be vacant and ready for promotion positions. 
  • Org Charting Via Excel: Create, arrange and publish charts, as well as synchronize them in a single click. Protect confidential information and automate the entire chart creation process. 


User feedback suggests the following product limitations at the time of this review:
  •  Adding or removing fields from the charts is not user-friendly. 
  •  UX for some of the features needs improvement. 
  •  Challenging to learn some tools and functionalities. 

Suite Support

Other than the support options mentioned below, OrgChart has a well-stacked “Resources” section that includes buyer’s guide, information on modeling and change management, an “Ask the Expert” feature, and more.
mail_outlineEmail: No information available.
phonePhone: Not available.
schoolTraining: Blogs, webinars and videos are present on the website for user training.
local_offerTickets: Not offered.
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