Benefits and Insights

Why use OnePoint HCM?

Key differentiators & advantages of OnePoint HCM

  • Drives Business Productivity:  Companies can increase productivity by automatically activating employees on the business systems they already use. The API integrates with productivity tools such as Office 365, Sharepoint, G Suite and more. 
  • Provides Peace of Mind:  User provisioning securely activates user accounts, reducing each employee’s onboarding time so they can begin working right away. Additionally, any offboarding trigger automatically deactivates the user’s accounts, thereby minimizing data risk. 
  • Saves Money:  Users can stop paying for multiple legacy systems that provide disparate data sets and reduce hours spent maintaining records. The system consolidates human capital management processes and increases ROI on human resources.  
  • Reduces Administrative Work:  Unifying data into a single platform eliminates the need for massive uploads to get data from multiple systems. It also ensures current and compliant information across all applications, reducing administrative workload. With real-time availability, users need not wait for batch processes or for a separate app to be synced.  
  • Accelerates Decision Making:  Users have access to information that enables decisions based on accurate information. The reporting engine can access any fields, giving full access to real-time data across the entire platform. Any standard or custom report can be converted into interactive charts and saved to dashboards. Built-in reports and workforce analytics allow users to sort data in multiple ways and make instant comparisons that provide a clear picture of the company's performance. 
  • Ensures Compliance:  Users can remain confident that ACA filings are timely and accurate with robust dashboards that consolidate data and reporting. OnePoint HCM ensures federal required compliance reports with the click of a button. These standard templates (OSHA 300 and 300A, Vets-100, ACA Compliance, EEO Classification) can be edited and formatted for business needs, and can be exported for new electronic submission requirements. 
  • Simplifies Leave Eligibility: A rules engine tracks accruals in real time. Self-service alerts notify an employee if the leave request is invalid before it reaches the approval process. Managers are alerted to pending review requests, expediting approvals or denials.  
  • Automates Tax Filing:  The solution automates payroll tax payments and ensures federal, state and local tax reporting that reflects current taxation requirements. It enables automatic electronic quarterly and year-end tax filing, W-2 processing and mailing. Users can accurately project tax payments based on geographic location with tools that automate multi-state and reciprocity calculations.  
  • Provides Paper-Free Enrollment:  Administrators can configure benefits plans to meet workforce needs. Eligible employees can review and enroll using self-service login features. This relieves the burden on the HR department by reducing paper forms, faxes and manual data entry.  
  • Offers Robust Benefit Options:  Benefit enrollment data is connected to hundreds of carriers. The 180- and 360-carrier connectivity creates an open line of communication between users and participating benefits providers. 
  • Enables Easy Audits: Data audits and historical reviews can be performed in much less time. Compliance features like employee attestation surveys capture data at the shift level. Any exception or override by a supervisor or manager is logged with their signature and date stamp to track and identify potential compliance issues.  
  • Centralizes Information:  Users can save resources, time and manpower required to enter data into disparate systems and keep it updated. OnePoint HCM provides a single database of employee records and eliminates the need to log in to multiple databases. Users can review notes from all departments, convert hours worked into payroll with a few clicks and more.  

Industry Expertise

OnePoint HCM is particularly suitable for industries such as healthcare, non-profit, brokers, manufacturing and retail.

Key Features

  • Advanced Scheduling: Managers can create schedules that align the workforce with anticipated demand while adhering to regulatory scheduling policies. Drag-and-drop tools eliminate the use of spreadsheets and help compare scheduling options. The instant change implementation feature removes the need to update multiple databases. The system provides prebuilt shift plans, color-coded notifications and a shift workload summary. 
  • Onboarding: Automated onboarding enables employees to complete and manage important aspects of their own HR file, including tax and benefits. Administrators can monitor submissions and outstanding forms, and follow up from any web-based device. This feature provides onboarding checklists, allows electronic submission of forms W-4 and I-9, and creates user accounts for new employees with time-stamped, password protected e-signatures. 
  • Performance Management:  Managers can view an employee’s performance with comprehensive real-time tools that provide the information in one place. Capabilities include dynamic people analytics, a multi-tier review process, incident tracking and self-review tools. 
  • Compensation Management:  Users can set up compensation schedules that match the company’s policies, and establish multiple types of increases — annual, non-annual, cycle-based and off-cycle, and merit- or promotion-based. They can also define program eligibility and manage plans across multiple business units. A “mass finalize” function enables workforce-wide compensation changes. The system has a built-in merit matrix that connects performance to compensation, worksheets for modeling compensation scenarios, and automated alerts and reminders.  
  • Learning Management System:  Companies can build a performance culture with OnePoint LMS, an online learning hub with over 300 training courses. It supports compliance with a wide range of mandated training like sexual harassment and workplace safety. It drives engagement with courses related to performance and professional development. Users can automate course assignments by group or roles, track completion dates and monitor deadlines on training reports. 
  • Reporting and Notification:  Users can access accurate reports that can be customized according to needs and gain visibility on employee eligibility status changes. Employee data changes are updated in real time across all applications. The system has automated checklists and sends alerts for missing data or expiring certifications. 
  • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking: Automated tools simplify job posting to reach the right candidates. Managers can create a job requisition and automatically post to a searchable job board widget embedded in the website, which is integrated with top job sites and premium job boards. Mass email functionality automatically issues candidate notifications and gives alerts and reminders for interview status, feedback and approvals. Integrated business services such as background checks and compensation calculators are available through the software’s marketplace. 
  • Benefits Administration: The system automates enrollment tasks with real-time eligibility tracking and stores all the data in one place. It provides rules and notifications for missing or incomplete enrollment packets, as well as online self-service for COBRA and FSA timelines and tools. 
  • Time and Attendance:  A robust set of work rules, pay rules and workflows make it easier to apply federal, state, and organization regulations. The timekeeping dashboard provides one-click access to key data and frequently performed time and attendance tasks. Punches and timesheets can be collected from a variety of sources including time clocks, web entry, telephony and custom time capture applications. Reports monitor late or missed punches in real-time, ensuring wage and hour compliance. 
  • Payroll: This feature ensures no missed deadlines or emergency runaround. OnePoint Payroll is integrated with the Time and Labor module to automatically populate payroll. This information-sharing reduces errors caused by data exports, eliminates the preprocessing step, and saves hours of manual data imports and auditing. The system has geo-spacial tax identification and self-service for pay stubs, direct deposit and withholding changes. Users can also outsource tasks to OnePoint’s team of payroll and tax specialists.  
  • Pay Tax Direct:  Users can protect their tax funds and keep money in their control with this optional service. It allows users to store tax funds in their own accounts until tax deadlines. The solution schedules payments on users’ behalf so the account is debited on their tax due date and funds are transferred directly to the proper authorities. Users can confirm payments on bank statements or online through EFTPS and access reports detailing the amount of tax owed. 
  • Leave Management:  Managers can streamline leave requests and leave case management for a variety of qualified leave types including FMLA and paid sick leave. They can match leave requests against scheduling and business rules to determine eligible leave requests in real time. The software enables accurately tracking leave accruals, rollovers and caps to meet local compliance laws. Managers can also set up multiple groups with varying accrual schedules for better visibility and to avoid non-compliance penalties. 
  • Mobile App:  Mobile workforce management tools ensure that users have access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information, 24/7. Employees and managers can perform self-service tasks with greater mobility.  
  • Manager Self-Service:  Managers have full visibility into their teams to see workforce trends and stay on top of issues. They can view employee information lists and pay statements, see who is in or out, and approve leave requests.  
  • Employee Self-Service:  This feature enables employees to take care of routine HR tasks on their own time. They can adjust their workload, see open shifts, request shift swaps, check schedules, punch in or out, view accrual balances, request time off, review pay statements and tax deductions, update records and direct deposit information, and complete benefits enrollment.  
  • Unemployment Claims Management: OnePoint HCM partners with Corporate Cost Control to handle the time-consuming and complex nature of unemployment claims. With 40 years of unemployment law experience, Corporate Cost Control provides experts who can respond quickly and help reduce claims costs. Their team understands labor laws in all 50 states and works to eliminate dealings with the Department of Labor, reducing disruptions to business operations. 
  • COBRA Administration:  OnePoint HCM solves challenges of COBRA administration through rapid approval, automated communication and notifications. Users can send all required communications and notices on time, track qualifying events, review initial and qualifying events, and ensure timeline completion of all required tasks. It offers USPS tracking and standard reports that log virtually everything audited within the system.  
  • Employee Attestation: This feature integrates with time and labor management to minimize wage and hour claims. Custom questionnaires on timesheets or time clocks capture employees’ confirmation for meal and rest breaks, hours worked, time card approval, injuries, and clock out. It protects the organization by requiring employees to attest to required activities. These responses help managers monitor compliance, identify trends that warrant further examination and demonstrate historical responses for audit purposes.  


User feedback indicates the following limitations of OnePoint HCM, as of the time of this review:

  •  The UI interface is not neat, with many elements that make it difficult to navigate. 
  •  Using this software requires experience and training. 

OnePoint HCM Suite Support

The HR support center provides compliant HR templates, checklists and letters, an employee handbook, a job description library, a three minute HR audit, on-demand training videos, a searchable law library and a real-time HR Q&A stream.

Besides the support options, OnePoint customers can order labor law posters and purchase support material online from the OSHA store.

mail_outlineEmail: Support via email isn't available.
phonePhone: For customer support, users can call 866.938.5835.
schoolTraining:Customers can receive training through resources available on the website, such as webinars, videos, newsletters and guides.
local_offerTickets: A ticket system isn't mentioned.
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