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Officekit is an End-To-End Human Resource Management Software with all functionalities of Employee Management - from hire to retire.

OfficeKit is powered to manage all your HR management tasks at an unbelievable pace

Power your HR processes with OfficeKit HR management software and enjoy the difference. It will provide you with ample of time to focus on the core HR processes that matter to your company. We not only offer you with the world best human resources management software, but also tools for automating account management and other processes.

We promise. We provide. We guarantee. Our HR management software processes will provide you with noticeable changes helping your organization to acquire benefit-driven success taking your business to the next level.

We offer you with the world’s best hr software for automating account management and other processes. Now you can take care of your employees, while OfficeKit employee management software will manage all the office and HR activities with ease. No more errors from manual entries. This hr software solution will provide you with ample of time to focus on the core HR processes that matter to your company.

 OfficeKit HRMS
It is a strong combination of different sub-modules, each submodule supporting a particular type of practice/application/methodology. The HRMS takes care of the imperative and complex process of management of human capital, by reducing the manual workload of administrative activities in an organization. OfficeKit also merges the employee and employer details, required for Wage Protection System Report, and generate SIF (Salary Information File) in a compatible format, as mandated by the Central Bank of UAE.

Employee Portal

OfficeKit’s avant-garde ESS(Employee Self-Service) Portal, allows the employee to perform most of the employee related tasks by themselves, like – managing leave application, viewing status of application, Performance appraisal view and generate pay slips, status of travel request, reimbursement status etc. This helps ensure that important working hours are saved working on the project and not in administrative works. Importantly, this also provides the employee access to various company policies, based on one’s security level.

Social Platforms

All endeavours in HR have grown by leaps and bounds ever since the advent of Social Media. OfficeKit HRMS allows employees to integrates their various Social Media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, to enable them connect with others within the company and involve in relevant discussions with people of similar interest. Employees can endorse/recommend each other and involve in forums, answering the queries of others, thus enabling the HR Team to gauging the overall performance of an individual with this added data. This enables the organization to identify strong points of each individual and thus result in improved progress.

Features of OFFICEKIT-HR

Officekit HRMS Provides feature to integrate with e-banking.
  • Rich     UI 
  • Mobile     Compatible 
  • HR     Domain Expert 
  • Cloud     Based 
  • Employee     Self-Service 
  • Security     Administration 
  • Integration 
  • Core     HR Modules 
  • Travel     Management 
  • Recruitment     Module 
  • Reports     Gallery 
  • Talent     Analytics 
To get a better understanding of our product and its specification check our YouTube Channel  this is the perfect opportunity to try out OfficeKit with 7 days of free trial. Below is the registration link.  We will be happy to receive your enquiry on mobile +91-906124995 or on Email: [email protected] and feel free to visit our website to get more information about our product.  
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