Benefits and Insights

Why use Namely?

Key differentiators & advantages of Namely

  • Save Time: Automatically perform common actions, such as approving promotions or pay raises, with workflows. Eliminate the need to assign new users every time an employee leaves or changes positions via role-based approvals assigned to titles rather than individual employees. 
  • Organize Workflows: Create different workflows for different departments, teams and additional groups at company. 
  • Keep Everyone Informed: Stay updated on the latest company news with a central news feed that supports uploading images, GIFs and videos. 
  • Configure Employee Profiles: Choose which fields to include when setting up employee profiles. 
  • Build Org Charts: Set up org charts that show the relationship of every worker. Supports teams of any size, along with multiple leaders. Automatically updates when new hires join, using the relationships stored in the employee database. 
  • Track Events: Stay on top of important dates like holidays, legal deadlines and other events, as the calendar feature has critical dates already included. Download it as an ICS file to sync with an online calendar. Also includes monthly resources and tips on HR topics. 
  • Control Access: Manage access controls for data by assigning user roles and setting permissions so everyone can access the information they need without compromising sensitive data. 
  • Plug In Apps: Integrate with over 50 partner apps from eSignature and international payroll to office management and HR outsourcing. Includes TSheets, Litmos, OneLogin, G Suite, Adobe, Jobvite and Ameriflex. 

Industry Expertise

Namely targets mid-sized businesses, but organizations in nearly any industry can use it. With over 1,300 customers in more than 130 countries, it serves sectors such as manufacturing, retail, nonprofit, food and beverage, technology, and financial services.

Key Features

  • Payroll: Includes:
    • Regulatory compliance, employee access, prebuilt reports, and automatic generation and filing of 1094s and 1095s for ACA.
    • Benefits deduction calculations, so payroll numbers are always updated.
    • Automatic syncing with all HR data.
    • End-of-year reporting like W-2s and 1099s, including tax filing.
  • Time and Attendance: Enables:
    • Data transfer to the payroll module for accurate processing, with options for online time tracking. Offers physical clocks equipped with punch-in methods such as PIN, fingerprint and ID card.
    • Data summary views surrounding hourly workers with the admin dashboard, which shows and uses reports to drill into greater detail on different metrics.
    • Scheduling, managing overtime and performing mass editing actions.
  • Talent Management: Provides onboarding capabilities, eSignature, custom performance reviews, task tracking, configurable employee surveys, goal management, customizable automated review cycles and more. 
  • Benefits Administration: Includes health insurance, FSA and HSA options, life and disability insurance, 401(k), wellness programs, and more. Additional insurance coverage for pets and identity theft available as well. Namely Exchange automatically sends employee elections to Cigna. 
  • HR Analytics: Contains:
    • Metrics on diversity using factors like gender and age.
    • Pay gap analyses for gender and ethnicity, sorted by job level, department and other criteria.
    • Dashboard with KPIs such as trends for headcount, time off and attrition.
    • Custom reports to gain deeper insights and compare performance against industry benchmarks.
  • Mobile App: Available for iOS and Android, with geo-fencing for time management. Employees can request time off, while managers can receive notifications and view team PTO. 
  • Open API: Enables Namely to act as a system of record and facilitates single sign-on. Import data from other platforms, such as an applicant tracking system, learning management system or ERP. 


These drawbacks, based on user feedback, are current at the time of this review:

  • Lacks features such as a native ATS and background check integration.
  • Mobile app doesn’t display employee names.
  • Multiple issues with time management features, such as data not syncing and time cards that are tedious to fill out.
  • Integration among Namely tools as well as with third-party apps needs improvement.

Namely Suite Support

Managed services are available, providing admin for payroll, benefits and the actual software. HR guidance and templates, an employee service center, employment verification, tax registration and additional services are offered as well.

For general support, employees can contact their HR team for assistance with W-2s, pay stubs and other information. System admins can speak to their Namely contact.

mail_outlineEmail: Unavailable. However, online chat is available.
phonePhone: Information unavailable.
schoolTraining: Free resources are available on the blog. There’s also a robust developer site, which contains technical documentation on topics such as identity and access management, ERP, endpoints, and more. Also includes a community of HR leaders where users can ask questions and share knowledge.
local_offerTickets: Not mentioned.

Namely Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

641 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on the aggregate of reviews from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Role-Based Access: Available with a single click, this feature allows users to view, add and update information anytime, according to 100% of reviews mentioning it.
  • Customization: It’s possible to customize almost all functions and operations, as noted by all reviews of customization.
  • User-Friendly: As per 80% reviews on this element, a user-friendly interface makes navigation easy.
  • Regular Updates: All reviews on updates indicated that Namely releases updates regularly to improve its functions and capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: All users referring to this aspect appreciated the end-to-end HCM capabilities for HR, payroll and benefits.


  • Time and Attendance: Adding manual data in the timesheets and attendance manager is a tedious task, according to 100% of reviews on this feature.
  • Customer Support: All reviews on this element indicated that support is slow and unresponsive.
  • Integration: There’s a lack of integration and communication between the payroll and HRIS modules, according to all reviews on integration.

Researcher's Summary:

Namely’s role-based access and comprehensive solutions have a lot to offer growing companies and startups. Other important pros of the software are its great customization and intuitive UI. On the flip side, user reviews indicate that its customer support isn’t quick and responsive. Additionally, using the time and attendance features can be time-consuming, and it lacks strong integration between payroll and HRIS. However, it’s worth considering, as regular updates provide consistent improvement.

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