Benefits and Insights

Why use Meta4?

Key differentiators & advantages of Meta4

  • Global and Local Compliance:  Users can make global policies across organizations and implement global changes without affecting local conditions. Global reports and analytics help organizations mobilize their entire talent pool for unique ventures locally and across borders.  
  • Unified Platform: Companies with offices in different countries can benefit from a single solution that integrates multiple languages, foreign currencies and legal frameworks. 
  • Flexibility: Companies can design their own organizational model and define work units, workplaces, jobs and positions graphically. Users can easily search and view an org chart of all levels and change the functional structure of the organization, such as moving employees, branches or entire divisions. 
  • Effective Communications: A self-service portal improves internal communications and ties between managers and employees. It enables managers to directly control the team and optimize talent resources. 
  • Easy and Efficient Onboarding: Companies can be sure of legal compliance with fully automated employee integration. The system simplifies administrative paperwork, lowers associated costs and ramps up productivity. In addition, new hires can access their personal information, process documents and converse with their future colleagues. 
  • Talent Review: Employers can increase their organization’s potential by analyzing talent pools and making informed decisions that contribute to succession planning. They can view talent graphics for any selected population, find critical jobs, determine the risk level of employees leaving and compare talents in different business units. 

Industry Expertise

Meta4 has over 1,300 clients and is present in more than 100 countries. It is suitable for telecommunications and media industries, transport and tourism, construction companies, banking and insurance, commerce and distribution, services, education, health, non-profit organizations, and government administration.

Key Features

  • Personnel Administration: This feature helps in managing data of all people who interact with the organization. Users can manage multiple groups such as staff, external partners and retirees. They can also manage the internal mobility of employees, follow up on different performance appraisals, and generate labor and financial reports. 
  • HR Ticketing: Companies can optimize employee support issues with integrated tracking and monitoring of ticket history and location. Support staff can follow through and resolve all ticket management processes reported. 
  • Recruitment: Centralized monitoring of recruitment processes enables hiring managers to accelerate quality recruitment by responding faster to vacancies worldwide. There’s an option to link opportunities to external job sites and provide candidates online access to internal mobility possibilities. 
  • Performance Management: This feature helps increase employee performance and organizational productivity with performance assessment methodologies. It promotes collaborative communication between managers and employees, boosts employee engagement and provides analytics of employee performance worldwide. 
  • Benefits Administration: This feature defines corporate benefit plans such as health insurance, life insurance and disability. It determines employee eligibility for certain plans and encourages employee enrollment to benefit plans. 
  • Compensation: Companies can ensure that all employees are paid according to defined compensation policies by considering the market value of the position, internal equity and merit. Tools are available to automatically create salary structures, update existing ones, and design base and variable compensation plans. 
  • Time and Attendance: This feature helps manage every employee’s actual overtime and absences. Users can identify differences between scheduled hours and actual time spent working, and adjust payroll calculations accordingly. 
  • Absence Management: Managers receive immediate access to employee absence details. Users can define absence schemes, report and analyze absences, and assign work according to free time, holidays and working hours. 
  • Workforce Analytics: Managers can spend less time analyzing information and fast-track their decisions with built-in analytics. Capabilities include analytical maps, dashboards, graphics and suggestions that are fully integrated with workforce KPIs, processes and transactions. 


User feedback indicates the following limitation of Meta4, as of the time of this review:

  •  The performance review feature is complex and therefore requires managers skilled with data analytics. 

Meta4 Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: No support email is listed.
phonePhone: For customer support in the U.S., users can contact +1 (770) 353-0723. To reach the U. K. support line, they can call + 34 91 634 85 00.
schoolTraining: Meta4 offers comprehensive training sessions, manuals and e-learning tools.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit their queries through the form available on the website.