Benefits and Insights

Why use Saba?

Key differentiators & advantages of Saba

  • Strengthened Talent Acquisition: Saba brings differentiated talent acquisition and advanced specialization expertise that can enable users to meet their recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) requirements with less effort and improved efficiency. 
  • Accelerated Modern Learning: Lumese helps users accelerate learning with extensive multi-source resource partnerships, new learning experience capabilities and curation with content creation competency.? 
  • Easy Integration: The platform has a “connect to anything” philosophy that helps talent leaders seamlessly leverage the in-suite capabilities alongside their in-practice technology ecosystem. 
  • Real-Time Recruitment Insights: The platform provides access to real-time recruitment insights that help users understand a holistic view of an organization's recruitment process and make informed data-based decisions. 
  • Improved Candidate Sourcing Speed and Accuracy: Using machine learning and semantic-based search capabilities, users can find suitable candidates for open roles faster. 
  • Optimize Recruitment Marketing Pace: Users can quickly assess and compare relevant sourcing channels and benefit from insight-based recommendations to make quick and accurate decisions that can help save money. 
  • New Employee Engagement: The platform enables users to develop an employee onboarding experience in a way that helps keep them interested, allows seamless integration with peers and leads to reduced attrition. 

Industry Expertise

Saba offers several HR management products to businesses of all sizes and caters to all industries. Some of them include healthcare, financial, retail and hospitality, professional services, manufacturing, technology and the public sector.

Key Features

  • Candidate Centric Approach: The platform helps users build and execute an engaging experience for applicants that is tailor-made to suit their needs. 
  • Cross-Platform Candidate Search and Match: Saba's candidate relationship management capabilities enable recruiters to improve their direct sourcing approach. 
  • Applicant Tracking: It offers a robust applicant tracking system that can help users optimize recruitment processes, coordinate communications, automate workflows and more, all through a single interface. 
  • Employee Onboarding: This feature helps tailor-make a development plan for new hires, and provides a platform for them to connect with colleagues and mentors, access resources, and resolve queries, which helps them adapt and perform better. 
  • Talent Management Capabilities: Saba equips the user with improved capabilities concerning talent acquisition, new-hire performance and learning by hyper-connecting and providing a self-driven experience to employees. 

Saba Suite Support

Email: Email support is not publicly listed.
Phone: U.S. customers can reach Saba support team by calling +1-512-713-1811. There are several other helplines for most other nations that users can find on the Saba Support page.
Training: Customers can access e-books, guides, templates, infographics, webinars, product tours, research and much more training material on Saba’s Resources page.
Tickets: Users need to fill out a dedicated form with their credentials on Saba’s website Contact page. The support team typically responds within 24 hours.

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