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Why use Lessonly?

Key differentiators & advantages of Lessonly

  • Simulate Real-World Scenarios: Lessonly helps learners master skills by providing tools that help them practice situations similar to their daily activities. For example, users can pitch on video, give a presentation, practice chat conversations and ticket support, and more. For each lesson, you can provide feedback via a star-rating system and comments. 
  • Uncover Insights: The system lets you view a range of metrics related to training. Visual charts and graphs make information easy to digest. You can track things like satisfaction and engagement rates, course assignment and completion totals, quiz results, popular searches, event attendance, active users, overdue modules, and more. 
  • Add More Capabilities: Lessonly integrates with several popular applications to extend the system’s functionality to tools for HR, collaboration, sales, customer service and more. Supported integrations include Slack, Chrome, Zendesk, BambooHR, Zenefits, Namely and Salesforce. 
  • Manage Roles and Groups: Permission settings allow you to define the role each user falls under: learner, manager, creator or admin. This determines their access within the platform. When creating new users, you can also assign them to custom groups. By grouping users according to teams, you can ensure they all receive the right training. 
  • Support In-Person Training: The events feature is a means for conducting live, offline or instructor-led training. You can invite learners by giving them the link directly, sending an email, or publishing the event on the event dashboard. 
  • Create Unlimited Lessons: There’s no limit to the number of courses, learning paths and lessons you can build. Such flexibility lets you customize your training to the extent your organization needs. 
  • Organize Content: A tagging feature lets you organize each lesson and makes searching for specific information easy. It also allows you to group content together based on which team it’s for or the purpose it serves. 
  • Access Lessonly on Mobile: The Lessonly platform is mobile-friendly so users can access it from phones and other devices besides a desktop or laptop. This gives them freedom to log in to the site anywhere with an internet connection. 

Industry Expertise

Lessonly has been implemented by over 550 companies. Its client base spans industries ranging from technology and the nonprofit space to manufacturing and telecommunications. Zendesk, Cisco, U.S. Cellular, Trunk Club and Ibotta are some of Lessonly’s customers.

Key Features

  • Lesson Builder: A visual drag-and-drop interface enables you to build lessons. You can add elements like images, videos, text, test questions and more. The system also supports SCORM files, including xAPI, AICC and cmi5. 
  • Learning Paths: This feature lets you build different learning paths to fit the needs of your company and ensures every learner receives relevant lessons. For example, you could create a learning path for sales reps with courses that pertain to their role. 
  • Content Hub: Lessonly University contains templates and best practices you can use. It also acts as a repository for pre-built courses, which your organization has full access to. Let Lessonly know which content you’d like to use and the support team will copy it to your platform. 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): This capability allows users to log in to Lessonly with their credentials from another application. The platform integrates with Google Suite, SAML 2.0 and Azure Active Directory to provide this option. 
  • Admin Tools: Lessonly has several admin tools that make it easier to perform common tasks. Bulk uploads let you add a large number of employees at once, and PDF exporting lets you download files for offline use. The program also has webhooks for automatically sending information like reports to another database. 

Lessonly Suite Support

Lessonly provides personalized services to support companies post-purchase. Each client gains access to a customer experience manager who gives guidance, advice and support. Users can also turn to the searchable knowledgebase for self-serve support. It contains more than 80 articles on topics such as technical setup, reports, features and the lesson builder.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email the support team by clicking “Email Support” at the bottom of the website homepage. Live chat is also available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.
phonePhone: Phone support is available by calling (817) 369-9194.
schoolTraining: Lessonly has a services team that helps with training strategies, lesson creation and more.
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Lessonly Reviews

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Information Technology & High Tech
100 - 499
Very interactive and interesting. I can take quizzes or watch videos or even do flip cards to learn the content
No cons so far. I enjoy using Lessonly to learn
Makes learning new content fun and engaging
Human Resources
G2 Crowd
Lessonly is the perfect learning software for any team that does not have a dedicated enablement person. It is very easy to spin up new courses on a regular basis which makes it worth every penny!
The backend can look pretty disorganized with content for three different teams.
On boarding/training materials and on-going coaching were the two main reasons we purchased Lessonly. We have significantly decreased our ramp time since implementing. From an on-going coaching perspective, it has saved our managers a lot of time because we do not need to have the same conversations over and over with multiple sales reps - all of the information they need to effectively speak about a competitor, learn about a new feature, etc is all in one place for them to learn and then be tested on to make sure they're good to go!
Human Resources
G2 Crowd
The font that Lessonly has selected for the platform is just great. The customer service representatives are mostly great and very fast to help. I love the way Lessonly looks. Easy to read, easy to create, versatile. The platform is so user-friendly from both perspectives, the creator and the learner. This is a great utility, very useful. Lots of specialization and new features coming out every month it seems like. The representative that deals with my company is very kind and informative and helpful, it has been a pleasure working with her. I would recommend this service to other businesses in my area or other states, if I were networking with these people like at the Lessonly dinner celebration they held in Salt Lake City recently. That was a good experience where we were able to network with other Lessonly users from all over the United States.
Minimal control of type, but actually this is a positive thing because Lessonly has pre-selected the best font that is the easiest for everyone to read. Not much, I wish there were a few things like the option to add notes for graders to see but maybe they will add this feature soon. I don't like how the universal force retake setting cannot be non-universal, haha. But there is not a lot to dislike. This is a great utility very useful. Working with Lessonly has been a wonderful experience for me and my company. I recommend it strongly.
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