Benefits and Insights

Why use LABORsuite?

Key differentiators & advantages of LABORsuite

  • Integrated Product Suite: LABORsuite combines individual modules into a unified solution for a seamless experience. This covers HR, payroll service, time and attendance, and mobile time and attendance. Specific capabilities include applicant tracking, mobile workforce management and GPS functionality. 
  • Increased Savings: The solution helps your business reduce costs by avoiding hour or wage violations and by removing large deposits for worker’s comp. The payroll service offers job costing and a general ledger to contribute to overall savings as well. 
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Using the platform allows you to log and oversee employee hours, meal periods, rest breaks and location. 
  • Seamless Data Transfer: The payroll module integrates with the time and attendance application, which facilitates the delivery of workforce data directly into payroll. 
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance: The risk management component helps you manage worker compensation codes and provides affordable workers’ compensation insurance. Incentives are available for companies with minimal accidents. Additionally, most insurance policies have a pay-as-you-go option. 
  • Risk Management Compliance: Supported areas include OSHA and assistance, safety inspections, certificates of coverage, and a drug-free workplace. 
  • Free Upgrades: You receive access to every enhancement release at no additional cost. 

Industry Expertise

The LABORsuite platform is suitable for companies in multiple industries. Examples include construction, energy, government, distribution, services, healthcare, telecommunication, utilities and distribution.

Key Features

  • HR Tools: The human resources module encompasses a range of standard HRIS components. Its functionality includes data storage, electronic onboarding, template forms, ACA compliance and reporting, background checks, employee screening, document storage, and workers’ comp savings. 
  • Payroll: Provided as a managed service, this solution gives your business access to an enterprise payroll system and professional expertise from the American Time and Labor Company team. The system’s flexibility enables configuration according to your specific business or industry needs. Robust security measures and standards are in place to ensure data protection. Features include payroll processing and tax administration. 
  • Employee Benefits: LABORsuite includes access to a range of benefits. Your company can provide employees enrollment for life insurance, business owner’s insurance and health insurance plans. You can also offer business packages that cover property insurance, auto insurance, professional liability and additional policies. 
  • Employee Self-Service: Your workers can gain access to their personal profiles via an online portal. They can view details such as paychecks, a company in/out board and other information. 
  • Time and Attendance: This feature enables your company to handle activities surrounding scheduling, labor management and absence management. It includes tracking, standard and custom reports, real-time data, and rules for work and pay.

LABORsuite Suite Support

Several extended support options are available in addition to the ones listed below. American Time and Labor Company takes care of system setup, which is typically accomplished within five business days. The support team also provides monitoring for the first 45 days. Support, training and setup are available in Spanish as well as English.

mail_outlineEmail: Customers can email [email protected] to receive support.
phonePhone: Live phone support is available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. For HR and Payroll needs, users can call (800) 456-4061. For support with mobile time and attendance, users can call (800) 456-6196.
schoolTraining: American Time and Labor Company provides quick-start guides and other training materials. Users also have the option to obtain ongoing training.
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