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1. Automatic direct deposit payroll
2. Pay vendors and contractors
3. Split direct deposits across multiple accounts
4. Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, and QBO
5. Manage paid time off
6. Onboard new employees
7. Store important documents
8. Divide and conquer with permissions
9. Workers' compensation
10. W-2 and 1099 filings
11. Employment Practices Liability Insurance
12. Unemployment insurance filings
13. Make updates to company information
14. Customize document center

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Software / IT
20 - 49
- Easy to see and sign up for benefits - Ability to split paycheck between multiple accounts however I want is great - Pay stubs available whenever I need them is convenient - Support staff has been responsive and helpful whenever issues have come up
Fees on employee 401(k) accounts are high for small businesses. Slavic 401k is their provider, and there really is a lot to like there - good fund choices and transparent fees chief among them. The setup fees are also low for the employer, which is great because it lowers the barrier to entry, making it easier for a company to offer that benefit. The problem, however, is the fees that employees accounts get charged. If you're a new company with less than $600K in total funds amongst employee accounts, every employee currently gets charged 0.6% annually, plus a flat annual fee and fund fees on top of that. While there are certainly more expensive options out there, that is still not a low number. A 0.6% drag on your 401(k) will equate to losing about 16% of your retirement balance due to all the lost compounding effects, and that's before any additional fees are factored in. That's not an entirely fair comparison because every 401(k) provider will cost something, but I wanted to highlight that 0.6% is not insignificant, even though it sounds small. Overall, it's still significantly better than not having a 401(k) due to the tax benefits, but the 401(k) setup does throw pretty significant fees at the employees.
Marketing Services
100 - 499
Justworks is a great solution for smaller companies and freelance agencies that want to provide benefits to their employees. It has a simple and easy to learn the interface and was quick to set up.
There were some limitations with adding additional services that employers were able to offer, like Pet Insurance. However, when working with the company they were typically very accommodating.
I used this product while freelancing for a client, and provided excellent benefits for my time spent there.
Software / IT
20 - 49
The ease of implementation and administration and as the title assumes, the lack of need of direct oversight of the process. New hires are able to very quickly and simply understand the navigation of the tool and streamline themselves through 90% of the pre-employment paperwork without need from the admin. Just a simple user interface that allows you to intuitively find anything you need in regard to your daily life as an employee and really person within your organization.
Just some slight growth areas needed in terms of integrations and partners for them. As a young company, they have a bit to go before they can really offer the capabilities of a company such as ADP but what they offer in replacement of those makes it all worth it.
From the educational experience during the sales discovery process to the assistance and round-the-clock availability of our account manager, during onboarding and implementation, I was insanely impressed by the account management capabilities of such a young team. Every JustWorks email is like a small monthly birthday gift where more often than not, they're rolling out a new feature or enhancement, potentially even one you recommended to the Product Team! It's the exact type of engagement you would hope for out of a company focused on propelling the employee experience with a highly adoptable product that will continue to grow into a large presence in this space.
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