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Why use JazzHR?

Key differentiators & advantages of JazzHR

  • Attract Quality Applicants: JazzHR enables companies looking for new hires to showcase their brand image in such a way that helps entice the maximum number of quality applicants. 
  • Quickly Screen Resumes: The applicant’s quick screen function lets talent managers screen resumes even while on the go, making the task of going through several applications quick and convenient. 
  • Eliminate Paperwork: The tool suite helps digitize offer acceptance, onboarding and other recruitment-related formalities, eliminating the need to have loads of paperwork. 
  • Manage Referrals: Using this platform, users can create and manage available, quick and efficient referrals programs throughout the company. Referrals help generate and recruit the best talent in the company. 
  • Make Better Hiring Decisions: The software supports fast and informed hiring decisions by letting recruiters gather inputs and feedback from the entire hiring team in real time. 
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Clients using JazzHR don’t need to know coding skills. Users simply paste a single code line on a page that gives them access to view all open jobs listed on the company's website. It also lets users add, edit and remove job postings from the platform, with changes automatically updated on the company's website in real time. 
  • Save Time Through Automation: Users can schedule emails to be sent right away or at a later stage to update candidates about rejections or approvals. 
  • Improve Preparedness: The software comes with numerous customizable guides that keep hiring teams updated with crucial information so they can be better prepared to conduct interviews. 
  • Organize the Interview Process: JazzHR enables users to seamlessly stay organized with the ability to manage and maintain multiple calendars and schedules. 
  • Simplify Candidate Comparison: Talent managers can compare and perform a thorough assessment of applicants using score-based evaluations. Easier candidate comparisons make hiring the right talent more convenient. 
  • Personalize Process: The system enables users to infuse their brand value in emails, career pages, website and much more that together create a consistent and personalized candidate experience. 

Industry Expertise

Since its release in 2009, JazzHR has helped thousands of companies fill 100,000 + positions. It caters to the recruitment and hiring needs of small and medium-sized businesses, startups, growing companies and presidential campaigns as well. The company is also known for creating Crowd, the first integrated crowd-sourcing, predictive analytics and big-data initiative in the HR industry.

Key Features

  • Post Syndication: Using this software, users can post to paid as well as free job boards, publish on various social media platforms and reach the maximum number of job searchers. 
  • Job Posting: JazzHR lets recruiters post job openings on several paid and free job boards in just a single click. Users can also use pay-per-post and pay-per-click features to purchase job traffic online and attract more candidates. 
  • Mobile App: This feature lets job seekers browse and apply for open positions through their mobile phones, which enhances the user's overall experience and creates a better impression of the client’s brand. 
  • Fully Customizable Templates: Using JazzHR’s job board software or APIs, users can create custom templates and designs for their website. The platform offers a robust, intuitive and integrated platform at every level within the application process. 
  • Collaborative Candidate Selection: Team members can cast their votes in favor or against an applicant’s selection, enabling them to decide the best fit together as a team. 
  • Customizable Workflows: Users can create customized workflows that provide consistent messages to candidates to keep them in the loop throughout the whole hiring process. 
  • Customized Career Page: The platform lets users build a customized career page or integrate an existing one with JazzHR’s page to present a personalized look and feel. 
  • Candidate Categories:  Talent managers can organize applicants into several groups, categorizing them based on their personalized requirements. 
  • Candidate Ranking: The system offers a centralized location for ranking applicants based on several criteria, so users can better organize their talent pool. 
  • Calendar Sync: The suite integrates with most of the prominent scheduling tools and enables hiring teams to schedule synchronized invites in collaboration with their calendar, all with a single click. 
  • On-Time Alerts: Users can send alerts about potential hires to team members’ inboxes, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 
  • Offer Letter Templates: The platform provides token embed form fields in Word docs, which recruiters can later use as offer letter templates. 
  • Version Controlled Drafts: At any point in time, users can retrieve drafts of declined offers or previous versions of a document. 
  • Electronic Signatures: The platform’s e-signature capability expedites onboarding stages and pre-employment procedures.  


Based on user feedback at the time of this review, some of the product limitations include:

  • The reports template features are a bit complicated to use. 
  • Setting up automatic responses can be confusing. 
  • On specific boards, the option of highlighting a post is not available. 
  • The software offers no flexibility to set permissions down to the designated field levels. 

JazzHR Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact JazzHR’s support team at [email protected]
phonePhone: To share a query or feedback, customers can call (888) 885-5299.
schoolTraining: JazzHR’s Resources tab has a training portal that consists of a getting started checklist with a brief step-by-step guide suggesting what users should do from start to finish. There are also additional resources for hiring manager training.
local_offerTickets: No information is available.

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